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4 December, 2014

So, I have five piles of hexagons done to round 5. I want the next color on all of them to be brown. The new ‘corners’ will be in the round 4 color and the final round could be…anything. Brown again maybe? But what do I do with the started middles? Maybe I need to square off the ones I have, then see if I need more.

It turns out the pink flowers ‘needed’ a navy border, but the dark aqua works too, and uses a color that is in another motif. There are two other single motifs, the green/black/fuchsia, and one with a grey/purple/baby blue that I trialled the ‘squaring’ on, in addition to the grey/orange/yellow.

Just counted them. 15 of the grey edged, 14 of the lime (or 15 if I take the navy off the other one and redo it), 15 of the aqua, 15 of the purple and just 11 of the fuchsia. 70 all up. that would make a 10 x 7 blanket. With two more completed ones I will have 72, enough for a 8×9. Actually, I have those, in the trial squares. This would make a decent size blanket I think. The brown square is 19×17 cm. This would put the blanket dimensions at 152×153. My size!😀

Ok. I guess I’ll use what I have and go from there. Arrangement might suck, but for now, I have a plan.

Oh, and dinner? was Wagoners Rice. I paid 2.37 or something silly for beef offcuts and that fed me for three meals. Would have been four if I wasn’t being a pig.

Cheaters end weaving

2 December, 2014

With the Christmas present dropped off and all the possibilities in the bag, I started finishing off the flowers that had been started. Since I have already made a huge one of these, I know sewing in fifty squillion ends will be a pain in the ass.


I cheated.

Since I have decent length tails of yarn I tied them together with a fisherman knot and crocheted the next row over the strand. This wont come undone in a hurry. I don’t know how long I can do it for (each circumference will get bigger), but the next row I should be able to do the same way. On these new motifs, I now only have two ends, instead of four.



Christmas present

29 November, 2014

So exciting!

The lady I used to walk with left this at my place while I was out. I’m not sure of she means for me to finish the blanket she started, (and give back to her,)  or whether I can use this for my own projects, but it is still exciting to have.

I am loving that variegated yarn in the square. Unfortunately, there isn’t any more of it.😦

There are quite a few 3/4 done African flowers, but just looking at the ones she has done, I’m not sure that my tension will match hers. I’d *like* to finish what she started, coz it seems a waste. But while checking out the stats for this blog, I saw that someone has looked at the Italian 3D flower blanket. This got me thinking about whether I could use the ready made African flowers and turn those into 3D ones and make a blanket from them that way. I checked out the 3D flower pattern I’d linked in that post and I’ve fallen in lust with the colors in one of the pictures. The colors in the picture are much the same as what I have here.

I was struck by the green background in the first instance, but then I looked further and saw that not all the backgrounds were green. Mine could be of course.

The colors, left to right, top to bottom seem to be:

1) BG – light pink. Flower – light pink centre, dark red petals

2) BG – green. Flower – mid blue centre, light blue petals

3) BG – mid blue. Flower – dark pink centre, light pink petals

4) BG – lime green. Flower – mid blue centre, amber(?) petals

5) BG – dark pink. Flower – light pink centre, white/cream petals

6) BG – lime green. Flower – white centre, amber (?) petals

7) BG – light pink. Flower – dark pink centre, white petals

8) BG – lime green. Flower – pale yellow centre, sun yellow petals

9) BG – dark pink. Flower – light purple centre, lavender petals

10) BG – lime green. Flower – dark pink centre, dark red petals

11) BG – lime green. Flower – dark pink centre, light pink petals

12) BG – mint green. Flower – mid purple centre, lavender petals

13) BG – lime green. Flower – dark red centre, funny pinkish (salmon?)petals

14) BG – light pink. Flower – light blue centre, mid blue petals

15) BG – lime green. Flower – pale lime green centre, sun yellow petals

16) BG – lime green. Flower – unknown centre, white petals

17) BG – lime green. Flower – light yellow centre, sun yellow petals

18) BG – light lime green. Flower – dark pink centre, white petals

19) BG – light blue. Flower – light pink petals, dark pink petals

20) BG – light pink. Flower – lavender centre, mid purple petals.


Oh, look what I found! Magic Rainbow baby blanket.

Here are some more color choices for the above flowers. I seem to recall finding a granny square color generator once upon a time. Since my color choices don’t inspire me, I look at other peoples and see what I like. My brain doesn’t find them all by itself. I may have a play around with the generator, and the above colors to see what else it will ‘make.’

First iteration – Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator.

Second iteration – Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator 2 (forgot to add the yellows). The yellow is nice and cheerful. Of course, being able to choose the ‘right’ colors on a web page is a bit tricky, so the colors in person would be a bit more muted. I might try it…or work on the Cape Portland blanket. What I would have liked on the generator is an option to have the background color static. Or round. So a check box to say “Make Round 1/2/3/4/5 static: choose color.”

Anyway. Time to get on with the day.

The African Flower Blanket

31 March, 2012

Will presumably be DONE today. Including the addition of half motifs and the ends sewn in.

When I was sorting out the next row (really two rows, a dip and peak), I was so blind I didn’t see that there are at least two sets of petals of the same color/yarn ‘touching’ and I’ve just found two edge colors that touch too. Now, I swear I checked to make sure it was all suduko’d. But maybe they got mixed up when I picked them up to sew together. Or maybe I just wasn’t watching carefully.

Then, in my eagerness to be DONE, I attached a motif THREE times before I got it where it was meant to be. This is impressive when the motifs only have six sides, and one was already being used. Then I did the same thing again a couple of motifs later.

I had a look to see if I could use the new row on the other side, but that wont work either. So, it stays as is and I will have to cope.😥

I attached the half motifs and sewed the ends on before attaching the last row. I’ll do the other side halves when this row is added.

Whew…just looked at these side rows, and TECHNICALLY they aren’t the same, so it  is two different navy’s.

My sister (who sews) asked me how much I’d charge to make one of these. I told her she didn’t want to know. She guesstimated 1000$. I said something like that. I’m sure she is shocked, even though I know she knows  the value of handmade.

I’ve been thinking of it like this: (She makes patchwork skirts. Charging some 80$ for one.)

Ok, great. I’ve used say, 30 different yarns in this blanket. At 4$ a ball, that is, all by itself, 120$.

Oh but, its SCRAP yarn!

Yep, and by default, patchwork is made from scrap fabric.

Patchwork takes time to organise prettily. 

Yes, so did this.

It took me lots of time to match all these squares and sew them together. My time is worth a lot.

I had to actually MAKE the fabric this is made from. Then hand sew them together, and neatly sew in the ends.

Oh, but…

Each motif, including sewing in the ends, took about 30 minutes. At 15$ an hour, JUST making the 261 full motifs is worth ….3915$ add yarn…4030. Add on another amount of dollars for actually sewing the motifs together into strips, the half ones, the strips together and the resultant ends… and it is a VERY VERY expensive blanket.

So, 1000$ is a bargain?

Yep! at a dollar per full motif, not including any sewing together or halves, it is still going to cost someone at least 380$


Best get this finished. I’ll upload a photo when its done.!


All in all, it has taken 7 weeks to make.


29 March, 2012

As of 9:50am I have 16 full motifs left (and a number of halves). I think that is enough for one full row, but I haven’t counted the slots yet. I’m not sure I dare count the amount needed, coz if I need more I might just tear my hair out. I have sewn in a stack of ends, and have had just about enough of this blanket. But it is going to look gorgeous on my bed!

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