Finishing off, cable needles

Since I have ‘moved’ back into the computer room, I have seen things I started that never got finished, most with just a row or two left. So this morning I made it a point to finish off a couple of things. The first is a dishcloth made with the left over bits of 8ply cotton from a poncho I made YEARS ago. I used a different cast off this time, namely this Miraculous Elastic Bind Off. It was easy enough to do without thinking. I probably didn’t ‘need’ an elastic edge, but since the other two sides have no sturdiness, I wanted the whole thing to be. And it is nice and elastic. I will be keen to see how well this cotton handles when wet.

I also needed to finish off the Braided Cable dishcloth, and to that end I dug out the cable needles I bought off ebay a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell you, proper cable needles make ALL the difference! I had been using a 3.25mm(ish) straight metal one, or none at all, but using the ‘fishhook’ type (4mm I think) really made it much nicer to knit. There was a minor learning curve – I started by slipping the stitches onto the long side, and knitting off the short. It turns out slipping onto the short and kitting off the long works better. I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter, and you can find what works for you anyway. Since there is more work to be done on the dishcloth I will try the ‘bird wing’ (or yoke) type next. If you want to get some proper cable needles ‘to see’ if they work for you, this eBay listing sells a set of 10 for a pittance, with free post. Worth getting ‘to see.’


In Techy news, if you have Windows 8 you can use the old Flickr uploader for ease of uploading, even though it says it only works with XP and Vista. I expect it would also work with Win7. It feels good to be able to save the photos on the laptop to somewhere else, in case something dreadful happens. I’ll need to organise the photos that I have taken off the phone recently into their own folders so I can make sure they are saved.

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