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On my newsfeed in Facebook this morning, there was a picture of a blanket that someone found. It was very interesting, and distinctive. You can see it here.

Me, being me, wanted to try this one because it was so different, but I couldn’t find a pattern, and it was doing my head in trying to work the methodology out from the picture.

I kept working on deciphering the picture and I think I have FINALLY worked it out….the centre panel-y thing anyway. I think I can work out the ‘gaps’ – assuming I ever actually make a proper one. Rainbow colors anyone?

Rough pattern of how *I* have done my sample.

[1dc, ch1, 1dc] = V-st.

[2dc, ch2, 2dc] = dbl-v

Initial square:

Form ring

Ch4, 1dc, ch2, [1dc, ch1, 1dc], ch2, v-st, ch2, v-st, ch2, join

Ch3, dc in each st and sp, in the ch 2 sp from prev row,* [2dc, ch2, 2dc], dc in each dc, dbl-v. repeat around. Join and end off.

Change color!

Join in the first dc of a side. Ch4 , skp1, dc in next, sk 1,. Rpt to end. Ch 1, dc in ch2sp, ch2, dc, ch 1. Dc in 1st st of new side. Repeat.  DO NOT end off.


Subsequent centres:
Ch4, 1dc, ch2, v-st, ch2, v-st, ch2, v-st, ch2, join, and end off.

(I suggest making these first)


Joining row: With the same color from the 3rd row of the initial square (which should be the same color as your next centre) ch3 from your join (that you didn’t end off) dc in each dc and sp. Dbl-v in the corner, dc in each dc and sp to the next corner. ONE dc in the corner

Pick up your NEW centre.

Make HALF a dc in the same corner on the ‘big’ square, and another half a dc on the new centre, and work them together (2dctog) dc in same sp *Dc in each dc and sp, dbl v –st in ch2 space. Repeat around to the big square, dc2tog as before. Dc in each st and sp. Dblv-st in the corners.  Join and end off.

With the next color (matching your new [3rd] centre) , attach yarn, and follow the dc, ch1 row around.

Using the same color, ch3 and make the solid row, incorporating the NEW centre.

Basically, you start with a holey row in color A, then a solid row of A. Next MAKE a B centre.

Then work a holey row of B all around Square A.

A solid B row comes next. I liked having the start at one corner, and the attachment of the new centre on the opposite corner.

MAKE a holey C square.

Make the holey C row around Squares A and B.

Work a solid C row.

Next would be make a D centre, then work a holey D row around squares A, B and C.

Then a solid D row

Etc et al

The original has 7 centres ( and measures approx 70×70, mine has 9 centres and is 90×90 without the border.

In baking news:

Peanut butter cookies things are very very nice. There is a picture above of one I made last night, with a dribble of cream. I didn’t have any chop chips (I swear I had some in the cupboard!) so, not being inclined to go to the shop for one thing, I remembered the coconut M&M’s I bought when I hired dvd’s the pother day. Some Googling assured me these would work, so I made a new batch of cookies using the brown and white ones.  Worked FINE! Not sure the added coconut flavor was all that crash hot. But who cares? Adding cream to individual hot ones would make an awesome dessert. It was very rich though, so you probably couldn’t pig out on them.

Further to baking, I made ..something..that was meant to be cookies on the weekend, using pumpkin. They didn’t turn out too bad either, a wee bit too light and fluffy, but half plain, half sr flour would have fixed that. They were edible, and perhaps even worthy of repeating..if I can remember HOW I did it.:-/ There was about 1/2 cup cooked pumpkin, butter melted into it (it was hot coz I’d just cooked the whole one), sugar, cocoa and vanilla added. Then a dash of milk, an egg added and about 1.5 cups of sr flour. Last I folded in the remaining choc chips, maybe 1/4 cup. Baked them at 180 til they smelt about right. Not bad at all.

On the art front.
I  saw a bed on Death in Paradise the other night, that had a white headboard, with some Aztec looking hieroglyphs  on it in a blue green color. As my bed has a blue head board, and I was quite taken with the pattern, I took a photo, thinking I might like to do that to my bed. I’m not sure if I will, but it is a nice idea. I’d do mine in white though.

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18 Comments on “Afghan find in Facebook”

  1. jennifer Says:

    I love the blanket but the pattern isn’t completely clear. How do you decrease to square the blanket out?

  2. […] bold colors! I found the pattern on Ravelry, but if you don’t have an account you can get it here.  It’s worth checking out the pictures on Ravelry for a couple of reasons….great […]

  3. Judi Says:

    Love this pattern! I’m going to make afghans with this pattern to donate to my local Children’s Hospital. When the kids go home they take their blankies home. The first one is going to be bright colors, hopefully it will bring some joy to them. THANKS for the great pattern!!!!

  4. misty conn Says:

    I don’t suppose you have a video that we could follow you on? For those of us who read a pattern.

  5. can you try to write up a pattern? So many people would love to have it!!!!!

  6. I am trying this pattern now – I just keep getting distracted by the cookies!

  7. Janet Says:

    Great work, doing this so quickly! On the original picture, it looked as if some of the square sections were edged in black, but that would be easy to duplicate

  8. […] post: Square and ripple blanket  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); crochet Square and ripple blanket – Free […]

  9. Judy Vancise Says:

    I don’t seem to be able to find the pattern for the Square and ripple blanket. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I love this pattern and would love to make for my granddaughter. Thanks for any help you can give me . Judy

  10. […] This pattern is so unique and lovely! The Square And Ripple Blanket by Sara Palacios is a very smart idea and the end result is stunning! I find it both very interesting and distinctive. The pattern comes with chart and written instruction. You can find the charts here and the pattern here. […]

  11. […] This pattern is so unique and beautiful! The Square and ripple Manta by Sara Palacios is a very clever idea and the end result is awesome! I find it both interesting and distinctive. The pattern comes with the letter and the written instruction. Here you can find and lists pattern here . […]

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