Freezer to crockpot meals

The other day I found this spaghetti and meatballs recipe, which has a freezer-crockpot option if you want to fiddle around a bit first. I use ready made meatballs so if I wanted to do this my time is already shortened.

I check out Pinterest this morning and there was another freezer-crockpot listing at Kojo Designs which has inspired me to find some more.

My Recipe board on Pinterest already has Mama and Baby Love recipes. I also found Ring Around The Rosies and Melissas Test Kitchen – this one actually has a shopping list and recipes with amounts.

Because I’ve found that the supermarket sells pork ‘offcuts’ for 9$ a kilo (which I buy rather than buying ‘diced’ pork for 15$ a kilo) I wanted to make sweet and sour pork the other day. In that search I glimpsed a slowcooker recipe or two for it. Looking at these two recipes at Slowcooker recipes and Slow I am thinking that both of these would be suitable for freezing.

I know you can freeze cooked rice as well, so cooking up a big batch of that and freezing also sounds like a brilliant idea. I’d freeze it in small baggies, with the weight/calorie content as well.

For the freezer meals I’d probably have a smaller bag with the softer veges to add half way.

Because I already freeze veges, I could probably make up some bags already with the frozen things I already have, capsicum, celery, and zucchini being the main ones. The meat in the freezer is frozen in blobs, so I couldn’t really use those, but I can certainly start from scratch with that next time I go shopping. Surely its no harder to bag meals than blobs of meat?

The chicken and corn soup here also seems to lend itself to freezing. I’d skip the tomato sauce though. I’m really liking the idea of chicken and corn bagged in the freezer to be plonked in the crock pot when I felt like soup.

The other good part about this? you could recycle the baggies at least once – washed and dried of course!

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