Half African Flower Motif Pattern

There is an incorrect chart of one of these (it is missing my row 3), so I thought, since I am making one at the moment, I would write down the method *I* am using. There is also this half hexagon filler.

Row 1-2

1) form ring in preferred manner. (I use the magic ring, you might chain 4 and join.)

2) chain 4. (equals 1dc, ch1), 2dc, ch1, 2dc, ch1, 2dc, ch1, 1dc. [turn]

3) chain 4. 2dc in the first ch1 space. Shell in next 2 ch1 spaces, 2dc in next space, ch1, 1dc in 3rd ch of the ch4. (that will require finagling) [turn]

4) chain 3. 3dc in 1st ch1 space. 7dc in the ch1 sp of the shells. 3dc in next ch1 space. 1dc in 3rd ch of the ch4. [turn]

5) (bear in mind I am doing mine different) ch1, sc in the same st. sc on next 3 sts. long dc in the ‘gap,’ sc in next 7 sts. long dc in the ‘gap,’ sc in next 7 sts. sc in next 4 sts. [turn]

Row 5

6) ch1, sc in same. sc in next 7 sts. 2sc in next. sc in next 7 sts, 2sc in next, sc in remaining 8 sts. end off.

Row 6

I’ll put pictures up when I remember to take good ones :O

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One Comment on “Half African Flower Motif Pattern”

  1. Dot meeny (Australia) Says:

    Thanks so much for this pattern. I like my rug edges straight.

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