figure 8 and Turkish cast ons and sock start

Yesterday I really wanted to get on with making socks with the Serenity Garden yarn, but none of the patterns I have printed out start at the toe, with a guage of 7 stitches per inch. The Formula for socks worked very well for me, but I didn’t want to do the provisional cast on and make the toe of the sock first. ( a been there, done that, determined I can do it, so no need to do it again thing)

I have a few different types of cast ons printed out, so I decided to muck around with those.  After finding the tin of circulars (the spares ones (A) ) I checked out the different cast ons and started trying out the Turkish cast on. I used this page and actually managed to do it! It’s a bit fiddly if you use a 120cm circular though😛 I kept on with that sample and made a little baggy – with eyelet holes even! I might play around with this again.

Then I wanted to see if I could do that cast on with PDN’s. I couldn’t. The needles were just too tightly squished.

Tried the Figure 8 cast on from this page on 2.75 DPN’s and managed to get that to work. As the yarn goes between the needles it gives enough room to work through. I didn’t do much at all with that sample, but decided to try using that cast on to start a pair of socks. This needed a little bit of brain power to work out how to start. I’ve done socks toe up and top down. I I have a rough idea of what I am supposed to be doing. The formula says start with 32 and decrease to 12, then back to 32 for a total of 64 st. Ok, so, I thought some and wrapped 12 stitches around the needles. This gave me 24 in total to start with. It made sense at the time anyway. From 24 stitches I had to get to 64, so the first ’round’ was done straight, then subsequent rounds until 64 had K1, inc, K to 2nd last st, inc, K1. I was still using 2 needles to work off at this stage, so the knitting was done the same on both needles. I used different colored ones, and the same color ones to work the stitches off. Confused? yeah. One side of the cast on was done on a yellow needle, the other a grey. When I was knitting off the yellow, I used the OTHER yellow, so I knew what side I was on. Never mind. It worked out. I got to 64 stitches and it looks ok…even after I picked up the dropped one.😀 I hope like mad that it works out and I don’t have to frog my sock.

I want to try toe up socks on two circulars as well. I might need to practice with scrap yarn before comitting myself to something nicer. Not sure I like the provisional cast on for that particular pattern. But, we’ll see. There are a few links to look through.

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