Hungarian rug pattern

Here are the directions I came up with by looking at the original part that was given to me to decipher… oops, looks like I need to fix it a bit. (edit when reposting to Word Press, there’s a bit that needed tweaking. I’m taking pics as I go.)

*original Crochetville post*

*cached Blognow page*


form ring in preferred manner, *ch 4,  (leaving the last lp on the hook) 4 tr in ring, yo and draw through all 5 lps on hook,  ch4, 1sc in ring* rpt 3 times

R2) *ch1, 12 tr in closing loop on 1st cluster, sc in sc* rpt 3 times. end yarn

R3) with next color. attach yarn with a sc between 8th and 9th tr of any 12tr group, *ch 4, (leaving the last lps of all BPTC on hook) 1 BPTC around last 4 st of this ‘petal’, and 1 BPTC around the first 4 st of next petal, yo and draw through all loops on hook (there should be 9), chain 4,  sc between 4th and 5th tr, ch 4, 1 BPTC cluster around next 4 tr, ch 4, sc between 8th and 9th tr* rpt around.

R4) *8 tr in closing st of cluster, sc in sc,  12tr in closing st of next cluster (corner) sc in sc* rpt around. End off.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 as needed.

I’ve actually seen one of these at St Helens (the only other one I HAVE seen mind you) that changed colors every row.


at the Launceston Show, 2010

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8 Comments on “Hungarian rug pattern”

  1. perigrine Says:

    From here – – “That there is actually a double treble,” explains Beryl Luxton indicating a very textured Hungarian crochet rug.

    “You don’t take the stitch off, you hold it on, and it’s called a Clooney group.”

    Beryl goes on about Clooney groups and shells, and may as well be speaking Hungarian to me…”

  2. Carwyn Says:

    Hi I have been looking for this pattern for years – I know it as the Hungarian Reversible Rug What do you mean by BPTC – this is not in the part of the pattern I have but it does talk about doing 8dtr back to front – which has had me a little confused I must admit – Hope you can help me

  3. […] Hungarian rug pattern August 2009 3 comments Explore posts in the same categories: miscellaneous […]

  4. betty butcher Says:

    trying to find a photon or picture of hungarian reversible rug as I am unable to work it out and so as a dozen other people hope some body can help betty

  5. Cath Wood Says:

    I have been doing this rug for many years and have given the pattern to many people and taught them how to do it.I think it is one of the nicest and easiest to do I have had great enjoyment in all the work which I do.

  6. Deb Prentice Says:

    Hi Cath Wood, would you be prepared to share the pattern? I have just seen a lady making a beautiful rug but she did not offer the pattern. I dont think I am clever enough to work it out from a photo or the instructions above. If anyone else has the pattern, I would really appreciate it, in case Cath does not read this.


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