Rag rugs again

rag rugs again 26 April 2009

Its been a while since I made any of these – well, November last year anyway.😛 I guess those ones were toothbrush rugs rather than crochet though, so it feels longer.

My sister has kindly listed some of my original rugs in her Etsy store. I’m not expecting them to sell. But as a result I decided to start a few more. Yep, a FEW. The idea was NOT to tear up any more fabric, and just use what I had in the fabric box. That didn’t work too well coz I am sick of the strips that are already done..even if I haven’t touched them for months!

Blue and yellow rug. Later it will have another floral print that picks up the blue, and another plain that picks up a color in the new floral…well that’s the plan anyway.

This one is going to be burgundy and white – mostly. There is some grey and some blue, but not much. This one might need to be done very sporadically as I get the fabric.

Close up. You can see the blue and grey.

This is my ‘manly’ fabric. I think it is two pillow cases, but don’t quote me. I have previously stripped and rolled this so who knows what may be in the middle. Exciting huh? I kind of like these pillow cases that have like two contrasting patterns. (Totally off my topic, but I just found this link by searching Delicious tags for ragrug – my sister neeeeeeds the fabric samples on the header :P) I need to find more ‘sage’ and ‘navy’ to add to the manly one.

Now that I have figured out *my* formula for oval rugs I might be making more of them. Ah, found what I was looking for here – “…In the 1800s to the early 1900s, patterns for these types of rugs most often were quite general, using such phrases as “increase as necessary to make the rug lie flat”. The strips for these rugs were cut straight on the grain of the fabric, and the rug makers of the day made the rugs by “feel”. With practice they knew about when to add stitches to keep the rugs shape and allow the rug to lay flat.  […] By the 1920’s, several crocheted rag rug patterns appeared where someone with the “feel” of rug making wrote down the stitches they added as they worked. Unfortunately these old patterns most often did not work for someone with a different touch in crocheting. […] If you are looking for rug patterns of any sort, look at the rug pictured. Is it evenly shaped? Is the rug shown laying flat? Be especially careful of directions that show a rug draped over something ‘artistically’. This is often a device to hide the fact that the rug doesn’t lay flat. Also be careful of directions that show a picture of a rug with something else sitting on it. This trick is used to hide the fact that the shape is not good (most often used with poorly done heart rugs). …”

Ugh, I’m not finding a slip yet to show you..so I’ll post this and keep looking.

Similar to this – http://tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:inLOXozZUc-YOM:http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pillowcase_header.jpg

or this

even this

The doona cover in this one would be EXCELLENT.

Another good one

With those types of patterns I can get a whole range of color options. If I tear up and down I get one color way, if I go around and around an entirely different one, without changing uh…items. It all comes from one pillow case or doona cover.

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