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Posted 17 January, 2016 by perigrine
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Last ye…er..late 2014 I was, shall we say, ‘encouraged’ to take down my caving blog.

This was a blog I enjoyed adding to, and people (judging by site statistics) enjoyed reading. It also housed a review I was in the process of doing for the Xtar H1 light.

At least one person, a person I know, chose to ‘follow’ that blog, and subsequently took exception to something that was written in it.

This person did not come to ME about what I had written. There was always the option to leave a comment on any of those posts, as there is on this blog as well. The follower also knows my email address, and could find my mobile number with out too much hassle. And yet, chose not to get in touch. Instead, they chose to tattle to others which caused a great amount of strife. Consequences of that are still being felt. I no longer have that outlet to *talk* about things.

I deleted the blog out of respect for someone else who was put in an untenable position of go between. They were put there because the follower went to other parties with their ..concerns, and those parties went to the go between. NO ONE bothered to contact me about the words I had written.

607242 (2)

I fully expect that the same person is now following this blog. Why they would, I don’t know, but I have an excellent imagination and can come up with a multitude of reasons. Not one of them is because they are interested in hand knit socks or how to crochet a blanket.


I say to you, the readers, if you have an issue with anything I’ve written, PLEASE talk to ME about it. If not, see below:



nothing much happening

Posted 30 May, 2016 by perigrine
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My son and his little family are coming to Tasmania next month for a holiday. It will be the first time I’ve met the new grand baby, born in January. I want to make her something, but didn’t know what since they live in Darwin. I had made the first grandbaby a blanket, but it was never seen in photos, so I figured it was never used. I saw a rainbow Sleepyhead on Facebook, and loved it, but (at the time) with no one to make one for, I put it aside. Now, with the new grand baby coming, I am making one, and may give it to her. Although, her big sister might want it more. I may have to make two.

I was making the body of the Sleepyhead with a 3.75mm Bates hook, but that beak just did not suit me. It took me forever to do the red rows before I caved in and switched to the 3.5mm Milward. What felt like 3 mins later I had the orange and yellow done. Two minutes after taking the above photo, the 3.5mm hook vanished! Can’t find it anywhere! I have no kids, no dogs, and hadn’t moved. It isn’t down the side of the chair, or under anything. Its just gone. I had to hunt down another 3.5mm one.


The Willow blocks are coming along. I’ve moved from different shades of the same color to different colors. The orange and grey were inspired by someones photo of Uluru with a grey sky behind it. Kind of like this one. The blue and yellow is not a reference to Minions. The way the color changes boggle me. Its the same grey and blue on the edges as in the middle, but they look quite different. I shared that particular photo on Facebook and mentioned I was thinking about the joining color. Of course, someone piped up and said ‘black..it makes the colors pop.’ But…I don’t like black as a joining color. To show them, I did the same join, with black and cream. I think the cream looks much nicer. I’m not sure how many blocks I have. I was going to go with 49, but 56 might be better. 28 pairs.


The little scrap of a trial looks like it could be good. I probably should have done more squares than the 4 though to make it a bit wider so as to be more useful. Since I haven’t sewn any ends in, I can tweak it a bit…or just undo the straight rows and start again. I’m good with just adding to it as I get yarn free…but knowing ‘how big’ to make the centre, for a purposeless item, is tricky. Car blanket maybe? or cat.


My poor old green socks need mending again. I foolishly ‘walked’ in them. Not just around the house, but for many kilometres with them in boots, over several days. I’m not sure if the yarn is crap, I don’t knit tight enough or I am just hard on socks, but I am always going through them. Not a huge issue if I get to the worn places BEFORE there is a hole, but trying to fix them after there is one sucks. I have some Persian tapestry yarn that I’ll probably use to fix them. Its kind of like stranded cotton and I can just use 1 or 2 strands.


I have turfed the cats out of the house today. One of them (of 5) likes to crap inside. They are indoor/outdoor cats so there is a window open 24/7 for them to be able to get outside for toileting. Yesterday I had breakfast and came in here to the computer pretty much straight away. When I was done in here, I went to the lounge room and there was a poop in the corner. Since I have been shutting them OUT of the loungeroom overnight, this was very very fresh, done in the hour or so I was on the computer. Not happy Jan. This morning, I stayed in the lounge room to keep an eye on the cats after they’d had their breakfast. No wayward pooping, or even glances to the corner. Come in here to the computer and …there in a fresh poo in here. Since the open window is in this room, there is absolutely no need to poop inside. There are no dogs outside either.

So, they have been turfed out. I’m not sure how long I will be able to cope with yowling at the doors/windows, but for now, I can relax and know there isn’t going to be a poo to clean up. I’m pretty sure it is one, or both, of the girls. I caught Lil doing a wee in a different corner the other day. This was somewhat understandable since they were all in the loungeroom with the door shut and she couldn’t get out the door. But this sneaky pooping in a room I’m not in, is not on.

I finally got out the ‘hiking’ socks last night and knitted a bit more of them. It was too cold to take off my socks to try them on though. I’m pretty sure I’m up to the heels. Short row or the sweet tomato heel though? that’s the question. It is too late for a flap and gusset heel. Possibly sweet tomato, with half the stitches.

But for now, I need to get off the computer and out of this dark cold room.



Mersey Forest fungi

Posted 18 May, 2016 by perigrine
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This is part of the area that was burnt 4 months ago. While the fire was devastating, the area needed it, and is fighting back.


….I am starting to think I want a proper camera. The old iPhone is good and portable, but I find myself in too much of a hurry to get good photos…plus, laying flat on wet ground isn’t the slightest bit appealing. Not that I think a proper camera can change that, but I think I can set one down and have it stable while focusing, which I can’t do with the iPhone.

This is kind of interesting. Tassie tourists traced by smart phone app. I personally wouldn’t like it, but..someone might.

Willow blocks and more

Posted 18 May, 2016 by perigrine
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So…I bought more yarn. I shouldn’t have, since I am on the eternal quest to *use up* what I have. But it was sooooo pretty! (and I wanted to make the daisy mandalas.) I accidentally ended up making more Willow blocks though. I also found a Tunisian ‘blanket’ I was making in differing shades of the same color that I gave up on coz it was going to be seriously tedious and frogged some of that. It still has the ‘browns’ to undo, but I’ve sewn the tails in and its a pain to try and undo those. Still, I used the blues and greens in extra squares, and its all good.

Boof liked it when I laid the squares out for a photo.

The other day I decided to try and use the apricot color I bought the other week in a square. ‘Orange’ is a hard color to use. Most of the orange you can fine is bright orangey orange. When I paired the apricot with that orangey orange, it worked well. Then I saw that the ‘gold’ would also pair well with the orangey orange and made those too. The funny greeny yellow was the odd color in the lot. When paired with yellow it has a distinctly green shade to it, so I teamed it with the lighter of my lime greens. It doesn’t quite work, but it will be ok.

Trying to take photos with fairly accurate colors was a right pain, and using the Samsung phone I ended up playing with the filters and reversed the colors. I found some new color schemes I can use that use different colors. There is navy and purple, and sky blue and sort of mint. I asked in a Facebook crochet group about using the apricot with another color, and they like ‘aqua’. The issue I have with that choice is the yarns are both the thicker 8ply so the square will be marginally bigger. Sitting next to me, waiting ‘to see’ is the apricot and…sage. I may need to hunt for the color wheel thingy I used for the African flowers.

….can’t find it in Pinterest…Woo! here it is! and here is the apricot…and it teams with ..what do you know..sage. It looks like the funny greeny yellow will ‘pair’ with the ahm…pinky purple as well.

When I went looking for the other photos I shared with the crochet group, I found a doppelganger pattern for the Willow blocks. Or maybe it is the other way around. Either way, there seems to be two patterns for the same thing.

The other week, whenever it was, I came across the Mystical Lanterns shawl pattern. Since it was so easy to follow the picture, I made one. Just the one. I dont have the gorgeous colors, or wherewithal, to make an entire garment/blanket. Still, I can do it.

The final picture is a set of circles someone else made (I can’t find mine). You can see how they have used the same colors, in the same sequence, but just changed the starting color. (Although, I think there is a sequence reversal in there as well.)

I have some more fungi pictures I want to share, but they definitely need their own post. I’m half tempted to start ANOTHER blog just for them. But, maybe not.

Sweet tomato heel – results

Posted 14 May, 2016 by perigrine
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I’ve actually worn these, not just ‘tried on.’ They are a bit long on the foot so the toes are loose. Not a bad thing over all. If I make another pair, I’ll start them between the flap and gusset start and the short row start. I’m pretty sure I started these where I start a short row heel, namely, in line with my anklebone.

Since the stitches pull a bit at the ‘corners’, I really think half the number of stitches would help. I’ve managed to source the actual book, and read the directions missing from the video. But as these work as is, I’m not worried about filling in the missing parts.

I’d like to make more socks. However, with the sock drawer overflowing, I certainly don’t need any. There is a pair in the car to work on. Those ones have the little bamboo needles that I don’t like the feel of. And there are still the ‘hiking’ socks with the 4 ply yarn left to do. I think I’m up to the heels of those actually.


Knitting enthusiasm is waning, being superseded by crocheting and wanting to make the daisy mandalas.  I have the 5 round grannies that look too pretty to ruin, so I might see if I can find enough yarn, in the right colors, for a 6th and use Zooty’s ‘squaring’ method to join them together.


Sewing more wipes..and maybe pads..is something else I have been thinking about more as well. I have a favorite pad after a year or so. Vale of Belvoir cotton, and cushion cover back. Its thing, has wings that don’t have snaps, and does a wonderful job on blow out days. Unfortunately, I put the regular old kitchen chair on the cord and shorted it out. I’m kind of scared to try the other cord in case I’ve blown the machine up. I should get out the flannel I have and take a photo of it. I had forgotten about the spotty pants until I refound the mens flannel bottoms from a decade ago and put those in the craft cupboard.

Well, I have an invitation to go exploring today, so I had better ..ack! charge the phone!! and get somewhat organised.

fluff work

Posted 11 May, 2016 by perigrine
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While away last time I decided to get out the knitted squares ‘to see’. Well, actually I went to the box to see about knitting more, but I seem to have taken ALL of the 7mm needles home…like, all three pairs. So I laid them out and tried to arrange them ‘nicely.’ It never works. I don’t want all the ‘blue’ on one section…and I kind of don’t want the same ‘color’ beside itself, or even two in the same row. Of course, I need at least another 25 squares, so we will see how I go.

Because I didnt have any 7mm needles, I decided to waste time knitting the variegated yarn, with the full intention to undo it later. I had a vague plan to find out how many stitches with a 5mm needle made the colors sit above each other. Obviously it wasn’t 25. It decreased two stitches and it wasn’t that either. So I added a couple of short rows. Then Sl1, k1 across..purl back. Next row was sl, k2, sl, k1 across…purl back. That looked kind of nifty. Eventually it got too dark for easy knitting.

I also tried out the Mandala Daisy square. Unfortunately I only had a 3.5mm hook, rather than a 4mm. But the beginning worked out, as it should, since I’m not a novice. I ‘ran out’ of yarn though and so undid that sample and decided to wait until I was home with more yarn. When I got home though, I found that half of the colors I want to recreate the original colors were up north. Of course.

The colors I came up with for them (and they are mostly in sequence) are:

teal, mist, petrol, sky blue, aqua, baby blue, true blue, navy, lavender, purple, baby pink, watermelon, true pink, orange, apricot, sunshine, butter, musty green, bottle green, mint, and back to teal. 20 colors, and ..well..I thought the centre color was every 5 colors, but it isn’t. Either way, change the centre to the next one and follow the same sequence. Every now and then I can see a couple of colors out of whack, one having two bottle greens, and another with the butter/sunshine switched, but who cares? I’m sorely tempted to see if I can find the elusive colors, like the true pink.

I set about making one with the new yarns I bought the other week, and they will work. I even have the apricot. And let me tell you…THAT color is as scarce as hens teeth! as is the aqua..or whatever color that pale bluey-green is. No, this says its aqua.

While trolling Pinterest, I found a Pin that goes with the pattern Mystical Lanterns. Isn’t it awesome!?!? WAY too expensive to buy, so I get to decode the pictures. £3.95 is $7.37AU and that just isn’t happening for something this simple.

Well, I better go and do something, like put lunch in the oven. I couldn’t find the lamb ragout packet mix in Coles, so I visited the brand spanking new Woolies in the CBD yesterday. They had it, on special even, 3 for 4.50. I bought 3 of those and 1 other lamb one, plus 2 beef ones. I have a bit of meat to use up.

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