sewing with ripstop, and a new pattern

Posted 30 April, 2015 by perigrine
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I tried out sewing with the ripstop nylon last night, and I can’t say I am impressed. I have gotten ahead of myself…

BEFORE I tried the ripstop, I processed the pj top and pillow case. There was minimal wastage, and 5 buttons. Of course, not all of both items will get used, some will end up being too small for anything. It pays to unpick seams rather than tearing them, or cutting the seam off, though. The first bit of camouflage fabric, to get the most of it, needed a seam unpicked to get that extra 8mm or so. Its not much really, but when you need just an extra 2mm to fit two toppers on a piece of fabric, its a far bit.

I found a pad I liked and worked out how to get the shape. Then I ‘moved’ the paper version onto card and upsized it. But it turned out to be that the paper size was more like the ‘new and improved’ template, so I tried the paper version first. I needed a new core shape, so I traced the paper shape, leaving the wings off and tried to cut it neatly 8mm or so inside the line. Sewed that on to the top, and watched the Amy Nix video about adding the PUL layer.

While I was listening to that I tipped a bit of water onto the ripstop to see if it was ‘waterproof’ – its not. Blood is thicker than water, I think, so that might still be ok. I cant say I *liked* sewing it. I may try again with the N&I template, but the rest might end up ‘saved for later.’

I’m not sure what the stretchy terry stuff is..well..Etsy says its..stretch terry cloth. I don’t think I like THAT to sew with either, but it made a nice back. Because it is stretchy, I can’t use it as a core. Well, I probably could, but I don’t want to fight with it.

Might go and cut up the owls. The scarf seems too pretty to chop up, but I think that will be excellent with the purple towel in the centre.

op shopping!

Posted 28 April, 2015 by perigrine
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Bad me! It was worth it though.

But it pays to know your fabrics when at the op shop. Top row, two ‘dog towels’ – 50c each. Middle: scrap of flannel – 20c, scarf in the fabric section – 50c, Rip stop nylon – 50c! Bottom: Crib sheet – $1, pillow slip – 50c, kids pj top – 50c. I’m not sure how/where the rip stop goes in pads though. Learning curve!

I was well pleased to find the ripstop. This is a listing for one yard on ebay.

Sewing with the Capri is coming along rather well. Since I tweaked it, it has sewn perfectly. I really need to do something with the things I have finished though.

I tried out the Onesie pad from The Pie Patch over the weekend. As you can see, it didn’t work out spectacularly. It LOOKED right before I sewed it. But. No. It will still work of course. I used the ‘front’ of the onesie in the middle, and thought I could get the sleeves in there too, but  they weren’t quite long enough to fit. I think my fleece was a bit too thick. I was going to buy some more from the op shop, but a) I forgot to ask how much they were, and b) was on a budget anyway. They had some nifty prints though.

Because I wanted some snapping wings (I’m too lazy to sew on the 12 snap fasteners I have), I cannibalised a grow suit that I didn’t much like. It is one of those back snapping ones. I mean, there isn’t a baby around, so I shouldn’t feel guilty… know. I may attempt another pad using the rest of it. Or use it in the middle of another one.

The differences in the fleece on the ‘quilted’ pads (its just fabric) is noticeable. The purple is a ‘scrap’ while the pink is a ‘dog blanket.’ The purple is noticeably thicker. The old sheet ones are waiting for backs, since I can’t think of what I can pair them with. I’d like a pale blue.

Time to wash todays things. I normally wouldn’t bother, but I have things still to use up on the freezer and its a lovely day.


Posted 25 April, 2015 by perigrine
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To avoid going to Spotlight today to buy a new machine (these ones work!!- just not well) I decided to have a fiddle around with the Singer Capri. I knew where the book was for a change and decided to start at page 1.

The first thing I did was tried to sew ‘as is.’ The top thread broke, and it was just an all round mess.

Second stage, and the presser foot pressure knobby thing was jammed way down. It has something to do with darning. I’ve never darned with this machine. Pressing the outer knob didn’t release the inner. I had to use scissors and the inner knob jumper up. Trying to sew with it all the way up was a sloppy effort. A fraction down and it gripped, but didn’t grab.

Next I took the cover off the tension knob. It would never get any ‘looser’ than 2, which didn’t fit the book. Undoing it showed me that the thread wasn’t between the plates anyway. The book says if the user wants a tighter or looser tension than what can be achieved with the knob on, to take it off and manually turn the thing under it. So I did. I could turn it right around, way past the previous dial numbers. Since tugging the top thread when it was ‘as is’ the thread was tight, I figured, maybe something was happening there and after loosening the thing, I started to tighten it so that the thread pulled through, and neither sloppily or grippy. What do you know? when I put the cover knob back on, it was in the green section (3-4-5). At a guess, when I got the machine either I, or the previous owner, had fiddled and forgotten where the slot was thus making it always be too tight!

I few trial efforts showed that I needed to fiddle with a few things, and eventually I got tape and wrote what worked best on it. With the actual tension ‘right’ and the foot not jammed down, the machine feeds, and doesn’t throw up threads any more. I’ve watched a tension video and the lady on there says to have a play around with the machine – hers was an overlocker, to find the optimum settings. So with a vague memory in mind, I tried that with my machine. All the stitches that worked were done with tension knob 5, and the last one with 6. T6 looks the best to me. Paired with L3 (length 3) its about perfect.

I’ll see what happens if I try and sew things properly later. The table part is missing, so there is little support for things, and the one off the other Singer doesn’t fit. First world problems. If the pads work nicely on the Capri, I’ll use that. I need to check the cornering. I have decided that I will chop up an old towel rather than buy more. I fail to see why I would *want* to spend $4 on a thrifted one when I have oodles at home I am not using, or using often. The one I plan to chop up was found on a beach over a decade ago and is mostly used for ‘messes’ rather than showering. It is threadbare in a few places, but I think I can cut around them.

As far as toppers go, I found these 9 patch squares I made ages and ages ago that I can’t remember what I was doing with them. Possibly a 9 patch quilt. They have been hanging around for years doing nothing, so I might see if the new template will fit and use them up.


drafting and an expedition

Posted 24 April, 2015 by perigrine
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I’m just back from a bit of a trip to the almost-west-coast of Tassie, and I’m a bit brain dead at the moment, but I thought I would put these here and then come back to them tomorrow. There does seem to be some mathematical type things you can work with for drafting a pattern. I only put the grid on a hand drawn template outline, but I can see that using a proper grid to draw on would work. The expedition was long overdue, not being able to go with the others in Feb. My attention was diverted a number of times away from the focus of the Feb trip, but I found plenty to occupy myself. But for now, its time to pay the piper and sort the things one takes camping.

This is well done

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With the amount of blue from the middle escaping, and the apparent effort the needle needed to get through the fabric, I am wondering if it might be prudent to change the needle. I know I haven’t used a new one for any of these.

So, I watched this piecing video yesterday, days after being thrifty with some fabric, and the lady mentions that you don’t notice the seams, which is something I had wondered about. I’m sure there are better ways to piece fabric, but how I did it works – they came through the wash ok, and I wasn’t being delicate.

After some video inspiration, I finished off the pads I started the day before and I was well pleased with them. The machine still does stupid straight stitching which I don’t like. The problem I had was that the original template makes a nice size pad when it is made right side out. When I use the reconfigured one, to make an inside out one, turning it gave me a pad that was rather smaller than I had anticipated. After watching How to make a symmetrical patten I figured I could use the same technique to upsize the reconfigured template. So I did. Now that I am thinking about it, the wonky tabs are worse on the upsized pattern rather than the reconfigured template. I’m out of cat food boxes so I can’t make myself an upsized template at the moment. Although, somewhere, there should be the heavy plastic sheeting that covers upholstery samples that might work.

Have I mentioned I am a hoarder? The fabrics I used over the weekend have been around for 6 years, not being big enough for rag rugs, but too big to throw out as ‘useless.’ They are being used now, so I can’t complain…too much. I have no idea what I am meant to do with 60+ pads I wont actively use. Aside from sell them.

Guys on my Facebook friends list have been complaining about all the pad pictures. I find this amusing since beheading videos and other sorts of distasteful things are ok, but brand new cloth pads are outrageous!

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