evolution of pads

Posted 25 August, 2015 by perigrine
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Zipper mending

Posted 20 August, 2015 by perigrine
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A while back I bought a Jack Wolfskin pack, mostly so I could go camping with people. I researched the brand, and decided that was a fairly decent one, and so I bought the pack with the aluminium frame, in a decent size. 85+10L or something. Not sure how that is worked out though.

The buckle for the shoulder strap broke as soon as I ‘tried it on.’ Not a huge deal, I improvised and used two baby stainless steel shackles as a fastening system. Not very long after, the side slider for the ..water bladder pocket came off..totally. Again, not a huge deal, since I haven’t been using that pocket and it has an extra buckle down flap covering the actual zip part. But when I was at the snow the other week, the very useful bottom front pocket zip broke – one side of the teeth came out, but the slider was still on the other. This WAS an issue, coz without the zip, everything falls out. Its where I keep my camp shoes and toiletry bag, as well as various other small things I might need ‘now.’ Luckily I had my sleeping bag and I covered the pocket with that, and did the straps up, but, yeah…less than ideal.

When I got back from the snow, I did a bit of Googling and found out I could possibly fix it by watching this video. So I tried it..and it didnt work, because the pressure on the slider snapped it right off. The other side went in fine, but..yeah. You can buy replacement sliders too. They cost under $2 from eBay. No good to me *now* coz I wanted it done.

So..I rummaged around and found the scrap of the polar fleece jacket which still had the zip on it. It wasn’t a closed ended zip, but I thought I could make it work..IF it was long enough. Which it was..sort of. I pinned it on and then took a lot of effort to sew it on. It wasn’t easy. But it is done, and because the zip is open ended, I can open the flap right up. I’m not sure how secure my needle work is, but there was no way in hell the sewing machine would have managed.

I declined to dismantle the perfectly good baby jacket for the side pocket, and tried to use some funny ‘bra hook’ type things. “Hook and eyes” – mine are wider that the link. I thought that would work rather well, but it didn’t. Or..It would when the pocket was full. But empty? nuh. So I cut them off. I’ll see if I can harvest a slider from somewhere and follow the YouTube thing, or just do the same thing  as I did with the front pocket with a full zip off something.

But for now, I better get going.

Pinterest pins

Posted 14 August, 2015 by perigrine
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Vintage Ripples

Floral Bedspread

Sophies Seaside

Brighton Blanket

Pieced CTC

Multi stitch blanket – and another


It looks like I’ve mainly been Pinning crochet stuff. I tried the vintage ripples, but I don’t think anything will come of it. I could, feasibly, make a scarf from my sample. I want to crochet, but there is nothing I need, let alone WANT. For fidget work, even a dishcloth isn’t needed – I think I had like 70 odd last time I counted. I’m tempted by this blanket – I have a bit of cream for centres – but I have absolutely NO need for another blanket. Indeed, I have at least three still to assemble. Maybe I should do that, and see if they will sell on eBay.

I popped to the op shop today, it being a nice sunny day and too nice to stay home. I was tempted by a few things, but decided not to get them. The paisley fabric though?…weelllll…it was expensive for what it was, but I’ve been looking for paisley for pads a while. The overlocker thread? I think was too expensive, but since I got all of what is in the picture for about the same as 4 reels of new thread (all the same color too), I don’t think I can moan too much. I’m not a fan of having the same color thread in either the sewing machine or the overlocker :D I can see three colors in the above score that match the fabric already.

Better hang the fabric on the line now that it’s washed.


Cutlery roll for camping

Posted 12 August, 2015 by perigrine
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When we arrived at the hUt at the Vale last week, the cutlery and crockery wasn’t ‘out’ like we had left it. Insert a moment or four of panic! After the last visit I made provisions to have at least cups and cutlery IN MY PACK for times of need. (The last visit had a load of mouse poo/wee ON the cutlery and crockery, and no way of washing, save a grotty Chux wipe thing.) Being the overly sensible sort, I figured we were VERY likely to be walking down the hill and so I left the stainless steel cups at home – the hut had cups after all – but I took the cutlery I’d sourced from the op shop. I had the pokey parts covered with a dishcloth and all bundled together in a plastic bag. Not at all suitable for storing in a pack.

Turns out the crockery had been put away, and was still wrapped in the paper from last time. The mice had eaten a few bits of the paper, but for 4 months of nibbling it wasn’t bad. The cups we used last time were also still wrapped, so no disinfecting was needed. The cups there are too small for us – which is partly why I got the stainless ones – but, well, beggars can’t be choosers. Unfortunately, I should have worked out how to cart plates, especially after seeing that there wasn’t any crockery on the table. Damn that is a BAD feeling. We’d have coped of course, but still.

So, with the plastic bag not really suiting me today I was thinking of how I can keep the cutlery in the pack, without too much fuss or bother. I had thought to just make a ‘bag’ like a pillow case and stuff them in, but I thought everything would fall out. Then I thought a pencil case might be better, and save mucking about. I checked ebay, and liked these floral ones, but with a length of only 20cm, nothing would fit. The knives I have are 24cm.

Somehow or other I remembered the knitting needle rolls I’ve made and thought about making one of those for cutlery. This suited me better, and I thought about how to do that with the flannel fabric I have (to cut down on bulk). Then while chatting with someone, I had a brain wave! Why not use towelling!?!? That way I have an INBUILT tea towel! I had a look about in Google, finding this tea towel cutlery roll, and this other one. Neither are towelling, but that is fine. Why do our ideas need to be validated anyway?

With that sussed out, I dragged out the bit of ‘dog’ towel and lopped off the requisite amount for a ‘tea towel’ width. Ascertained it would be too long and lopped the excess off. I had originally thought to make the pockets from towelling, but decided flannel was a less bulky idea. Sadly that bit was too big to make a dishcloth from and cutting it down to size would waste too much fabric, so its left to make pad cores with.

I found a bit of flannel with the cuff still on. Being a thrifty sort, and not prone to fussing about, I decided that would do for a ‘pretty’ edge with not much effort. Sized up the flannel, ripped it off and pinned it to the towel. I wanted the roll to look sort of neat and dragged the overlocker out. That didn’t work so well, and eventually a thread broke. Lacking the wherewithal to rethread it, I swapped the overlocker for the sewing machine and zig zagged it instead.

I had to mark the pockets, and make them fairly snug, but not so tight things wouldn’t come out. I think I made them a bit loose for 2 of each, but if I had to add another set the pieces will fit. Lots of pins and then I sewed the pockets in, adding in the across bit for the teaspoons so they don’t fall to the bottom. Next I sewed down the cuff for the ..dishcloth pocket (I might add a scourer too) and trimmed all the ends.

I like it. It is bulkier than I want, but it has everything. If I fold the top down over the cutlery, there is another 5 inches to fold up on the other side. If I was clever enough, or could be bothered even, I could sew a bit of ribbon on as a tie, but I think that might be annoying while drying dishes. I could even add in a small hotel size bottle of dishwashing liquid if I wanted.

Now to work out how/where to put plates.

Vale of Belvoir – Winter

Posted 8 August, 2015 by perigrine
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I’ll have to write this up better I expect, but for now, here are a few pictures from the camping trip. (Is it still ‘camping’ if you stay in a hut?)

My phone went flat in a hurry (40% to 3% to 2% in moments!), so there are a couple of days of photos missing.
















Northern Caverneers

Caving club webpage


my (sometimes) crazy explorations of Tassie wilderness and mountains


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