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This link came across my Facebook this morning, geared to Staffy owners, however, some of these points are equally applicable to you, your SO and your relationship. So apt are some of these, I thought I would recreate them here.


  1. Don’t be upset when I jump for joy when you come through the door.

Our relationship might only span five years. You are what makes that time enjoyable. It’s hard on me when you go away. If I no longer jump for joy, I’ve been dismissed too often.



  1. Give me time to understand what you want from me.

I don’t always get it right on the first try, but I promise I’m trying as hard as I can. I need clear direction though. 



  1. Give me your trust.

Just like I trust you, I need you to trust me, too.



  1. Don’t be angry with me for too long.

And please don’t ignore me – it feels like punishment. You have your friends and family to keep you happy and entertained. I just have you.



    5. Take me inside when the weather gets bad.

You don’t have to let me sit next to you on the couch, but your company when it squalls is delightful. 



  1. Talk to me.

Sure, we don’t often speak the same language, but the sound of your voice brightens my whole day.



  1. Remember that I’ll never forget how you treat me.

Show me that men are made of love, not pain. And don’t ever let me forget it.


  1. Come outside with me.

The sights, sounds, and scents of nature are some of my greatest pleasures in life. I don’t care if we play, go for a walk, or just sit under a tree together — I want you to experience them with me.

Young happy couple outdoors

  1. Let me make new friends.

Introduce me to your friends, family, even your work mates. We might not get along in the end, but having the opportunity for some more friends makes my life that much brighter.



  1. Give me a treat every once in a while.

Food is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I know you want me to be healthy, but please, don’t feel the need to supply unhealthy food choices every day. 



  1. Please don’t hurt me.

I have been alone too long.  I want to cover you in sloppy, wet kisses, hug you, pinch your bum.  Play together, laugh, have fun. Lack of attention and affection is detrimental to my happiness. 



  1. Understand when I need my alone time.

I love you more than anything, but even though it’s rare, I don’t always want to play or cuddle. Don’t be sad if I’d rather sleep at my home instead of in your bed on hot summer nights, and be understanding if I don’t want to play right now. Chances are I’m tired. 



  1. Show me your world.

Your house and yard might be the only places I ever see unless you let me come with you. A trip to the pet store, the park, or even just a ride in the car is exhilarating for me. I can’t wait to see what you want to show me. Let some of these places be new to both of us and not always things you’ve already done. Sometimes, let me show you MY world. 



  1. Teach me new things.

Learning new tricks keeps my mind active, but most of all, it gives me a way to impress you. I love learning something new, looking up at you, and seeing how proud of me you are.



  1. Let me get dirty once in a while.

Your world is outside, but I thrive in both environments. Sometimes I find a lot of mud or creeks are too much for me, so please be patient when I get all icked out. I understand if you don’t want to deal with such fussiness, but I don’t like being wet or cold. 



  1. Pay attention if I don’t seem like myself.

It might seem like I’m just being lazy or stubborn, but I might not be feeling well. I can’t get help for myself, and I need you to look out for me. If you get short answers, and I’m not tired, there is a good chance I am trying to process things. Ask me if I’m ok and if I need space, but please don’t forget about me. 


Snap blades and cannibalism, maybe

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With work experience needing a ‘box cutter’ or some other tool, I decided to buy a set of 3 retractable blade knives. These were el cheapo ones and thus got blunt remarkably fast. I’d used this yellow one first to sort out the over cast stitch in the bassinet sheet (it was faster than the quick unpick), and it was nice and sharp then. I took to to work on two days and by Wednesday it no longer sliced through cotton thread easily. I knew the ends snap off, but I didnt quite know how. Google says they come with snappers, but mine certainly didn’t. Everything else said to use pliers, which I have. I found them and with a bit of thinking, snapped the end off.

I chose to snap off two sections, for ease of grip in the pliers. Instead of bending down though (to widen the snap place), I went up. It worked a treat. I made sure to have the snap join close to the end of the shaft and the tip of the pliers so there was less bending room. After that the knife sliced through the cotton on the hem of the sheet and it was all good.

Lying in bed the other day I eyed off the wee willy winky hats I have made. That I never use. I may have used one last winter. But, since I have three, and only one head, using one, once a YEAR is rather a waste of yarn. So, I’m thinking I’ll undo them. One has been in the shed for who knows how long! Right now a cat are sleeping on them.

Only thing is…I don’t know what I would turn them into. I really like the idea of knitting practice heels with them, even though they are acrylic. I think I know how to do the sweet tomato heel and all. I have a pair of socks that are almost at the heel stage, so I might try that heel on those.

‘Too small’ scraps

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 Without too much mucking around, the scraps made 22 camping size wipes. I am yet to sew the pieced ones into wipes, there are three of those, and I’ve found another two in the yogurt container I was putting the ‘about the right size’ scraps in.

Because these are mostly flowers, animals and stars, I’m considering a more genderless ‘set’ using the ‘alien’ fabric and the abstract men’s pj bottoms. I had to re-find that fabric, it having disappeared out of the bag I thought it was all in. Oops. I’ll eye that off later. But for now, its off to work experience for the second last day.


I have no life 😐

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So, lacking a social life, and with sorting out the ‘work station’ in the spare room, I decided to ‘see’ if I had any scraps of flannel (mwahaha) that were too small for pads or household wipes.

Guess what?? I did! How about that?!

So I sorted them into sizes that would fit using the camping wipe template and had at it. I almost discounted the pocket off the size 3 pjs, thinking it was too small. But after sizing it against the template, decided that if I wanted to piece it, it would do admirably. The previously discounted collars were also brought into service, coz if I’m piecing the pocket, I may as well piece the collars while I’m at it.

I left the pile over night, and ironed them this morning. Then I sewed some up.

About half way through I had an epiphany. My machine, well, this one anyway, has 3 needle positions, yeah? I’ve been battling top stitching with the needle in the centre position and having a hard (ish) time sewing nice neat edges. The fabric is to the left and the feed dogs don’t grab the far right edge well enough to pull it through. My brain finally caught up and thought..’what if…’ so I used a few brain cells and worked out I wanted the needle to the right. Did that and lo! awesome even top stitching! The fabric pulls through the feed dogs awesomely! eye still says the line of stitched, when I come back to where I started needs to go up the centre of the foot…so the stitches don’t overlap like I want then too on some of them. Bugger.

But, for now, I need to rebuild the chook house, and think about tea.

Adding height to a neckline

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I have two long sleeve henley t-shirts that I bought from Anaconda a while back. I like the sleeve and torso length, and, before I bought them, I thought the round neck on them would be ok. Turns out, it isn’t. For warmth purposes the scoop neck is too chilly for my liking. So, I haven’t been wearing them. This makes them a waste of money, and space.

Today being wet and rainy, I wanted to wear one, but, of course, the low neckline doesn’t engender warmth. This sent me on a quest to find out how to add length to necklines.

Man. Let me tell you. It is NOT easy. Ideally I wanted the same shape, but up higher. Like a crew neck. I found a lot of sites and videos about fixing cleavage or altering t-shirt necklines from one style to another (crew to v-neck, crew to scoop, etc), but so far, nothing about changing a scoop neck to crew neck. Not even adding the modifier of ‘modest’ helped.

I tried out the common ‘straight’ modestly panel, and I really don’t like it. However, it is preferable to having a vast amount of skin exposed to the cold air. I may run with it, or not. A little tuck in the ‘corners’ might help alleviate the angles. Mmm…it does, but I think I will need more fabric length. Happily I have scads of contrasting stretch knit fabric. The rust color is thinner than the other and tucks might work better with that.

The main problem I have (at the moment) is how high up to place the extra fabric. The bit on the top I am wearing is about 10 centimetres down from the shoulder seam, but the tshirt fabric is stretchy in and of itself, so when it is off, the panel is probably a lot higher. Right now it is too nippy to be mucking around taking clothes on and off to test it out.


In other sewing news, I’m considering setting up the better working machine in the spare room, where the laptop lives. Now that I have moved the useless for Win8 printer off the desk there is a nice empty space. I got sick of a sewing machine living on the freezer. Since I have camping wipe size scraps from the new wipes I made, I want to sew them up..but not at the freezer.

Bleh. Its 13C. No wonder I’m cold. I was down to short sleeve t-shirts Monday and Wednesday!

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