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The Harmony squares are coming along nicely. I’ve had to piece a few strands, but that is ok with me. If it ever gets to full size it will need hand washing, because I know this wool felts.

In the last buy of tapestry yarn there was a pile of crewel wool. I’m not exactly sure what one uses it for, but three strands of it equals, roughly, 8 ply. So I’ve joined up some lengths and used it. (I probably would wash it to see  how it holds up.)

Since the cats like hand made blankets, and Snot in particular is all over the tapestry yarn, There is potential for me to make 5 x 9 square blankets for them. Snot was weird last night. There is no way in hell she can *know* that it was wool. Well, I think that’s why she was kneading it and loving it heaps. She has never done it with acrylic.

I’ve been thinking that the original harmony blanket was pretty, and I like the colors. Happily Lucy has provided the colors, and the table. Without too much hassle, I think I can match her colors with the tapestry yarn. For example, DMC 7295 would be close to her ‘Storm.’ I think I’ll go and have a look see in the bag.

Pale Rose – DMC 7253

Plum – DMC7228

Sage – Anchor 0161

Meadow – Semco 622

Lime – DMC 7044

Storm – DMC 7295

Raspberry – DMC 7205



Clematis – Semco 585

Aster – DMC 7316

Cloud – Semco596


Petrol – DMC 7650

I seem to be ‘missing’ some, which I may not actually be. There are a few skeins of tapestry yarn, and I dont really want to tip them out in here. I am fairly sure I have ‘violet,’ ‘parma violet’, ‘lavender’ and ‘turquoise.’ One of the Shade Sorter colors that Snot was loving last night would be ‘parma violet.’ But they dont come with actual numbers. Ah, here we go. Tapestry yarn color chart. DMC 7722 looks like it. With 7711 being violet. I make 7036 ‘turquoise.’ The Anchor charts are here.

My abbreviated version
3dc, ch 2 x 4

2dc, ch 1, 2dc, ch1, 2dc in each ch2 sp

(starting in a corner) [2dc, ch2, 2dc,], ch1, 1sc in ch1sp twice. repeat

(starting in a corner) [2dc, ch2, 2dc,] 2dc in each chsp

(starting in a corner) [2dc, ch2, 2dc,] skip first st, dc in each remaining st (9 of them) 

(starting in a corner) [2dc, ch2, 2dc,] skip 1st st, 2dc in every 2dc st. 

Anyway..I’ll see if I can make some in the original color scheme, and have fun doing it….while trying not to think that I should get some new yarns :D

Harmony in tapestry

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The other day, in a Facebook crochet group I came across someone’s Harmony blanket, and thought it looked great. I promptly forgot about it until this morning, when I was tidying up the office and found some bits of tapestry yarn. I went looking for the pattern and found it here. Reading it was difficult, because she uses UK terms.

Because I have oodles of tapestry yarn, I decided to see if one skein of those was enough to make parts of the square. I grabbed out 5 different colors, and sorted them into lengths – 3x 8m, 11m and 15 yards.

The first round, in Semco #610, had plenty of yarn left. I expect I could get at least 3 middles from that.

Second round, in Coats #0186 was getting ‘close’ – but there is probably heaps there for another middle.

Round 3, in Coats #0215 has plenty left over.

Round 4 will be using the 11m skein of Semco Gobelin in color#583. There *should be enough, depending on the stitch count and type. It looks like it is 10x dcs per side. I seem to recall a dc uses about 1 metre of yarn to create, so there should be plenty.

Round 5, is a very fuzzy looking Penelope Tapestry Wool, #124 and 15 yards worth, or 13.7 metres. It looks like there are 13 dc’s on each side, so again, there should be ample yarn.

I’m not sure the 4mm hook is the best one for the job though. 4.5mm might be better. I just didn’t happen to have that one handy…or..look hard enough, as the case may be.

Will I turn all the tapestry yarn into a blanket? Who knows!?!? I bought the yarn for socks, but I have TONS of hand knit socks, and I dont really need any more. I might play around with the toe up baby socks pattern later though. Not that I have babies around either!

Speaking of socks, I managed to do two short row ones yesterday (I’m on a ‘finishing’ kick now that the sewing is packed away), without looking at the pattern! I don’t like the funny lines on the purl side, which I know I ‘fixed’ on another pair once..but I dont remember how. I’m slightly tempted to make a few practice heels, in acrylic maybe, to practice.

ETA: The Penelope yarn is a tad thin, and splitty, but 15 yards is ample.
R6 was a (partly used?) Anchor Tapisserie wool #0578 and also 15 yards/13.7m. There was enough yarn left to make 6 dcs.

I’m thinking I will waste a whole pile of time today and log all the yarns, by brand, length and shade (by numbers). I think I need to do that on paper first, since there will be a TON of different categories.

More pads

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Camping and a pad

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I finally finished off the Luna Wolf pad from a few posts ago. I used a bit of polar fleece scarf for the back, in a navy blue. I like it. The stitches/outline look wonky, but that is ok.

I was in a Wilderness type shop last week, and wondered if I could sell pads and or wipes in there. Talking to someone about it, and they said you couldn’t get much ‘greener.’ Its an option. I’d need more faith in myself first.

Sideways to camping, I made a few smaller dishcloths to take, rather than the bigger 7″ ones I have. They’ve ended up about 4.5″ or so. I’ve used a spin off of Naked, and invented a cast on. It was meant to be ‘twisted German cast on’ but I buggered it up. It works, is stretchier than the long tail cast on, and I wasn’t interested in trying harder. The one in the row by itself is the last bit of the top left cotton, blended with the top right cotton. I changed the color every two rows, and I really like how it came out. I also made a bamboo cotton dishcloth, but it’s not in the picture since I wet it to see how it worked.

Wipes for camping

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Yesterday I *did* make some wipes to take camping. They’ve ended up about a regular toilet paper sheet size (10x11cm), and there are 18 at the moment. ‘How many’ to make/take/need is a bit of a mystery. I can count on at least 7 loo stops, assuming the water intake is adequate. Going on that 18 squares is fine for two days. But how to transport them? I have a few of these tablet containers. Not huge, almost pocket size, and smaller than an actual roll of dunny paper. First I folded the squares in half to see how that went, but there was no hope of them fitting like that. So I rolled them up, thinking I could pull one from the middle (or outside as needed) and that worked fine. 15 slotted in nicely. When I tried to get them out, the roll didn’t work well, and eventually they all pulled out, rather like tissues. Next I just stuffed them in, then added the last 3. I think I could get away with a couple more.

Where to put the used ones is another factor. I could, in theory, take another of these containers and put them in there. Or I could use the ‘wet bag’ I made (? – I use that term loosely) using a harvested pocket from the polar fleece jacket. Or I could just stick them in a plastic bag. Another container is just too bulky, and a plastic bag with damp cloth sounds like a recipe for disaster.

A camping Facebook group suggested putting one of those ’emergency’ blankets down under you in a tent for a bit of insulation. Since these things are bugger all on Ebay, I bought some, and keep one in with my sleeping bag. I used a ‘spare’ one and put it UNDER the tent on the weekend. It is about 160X210cm or something, and a goodly size to fit under the little tent. When I crawled into the tent at bed time, the floor almost felt warm! We were fairly high up on the mountain so that was a surprise. In the morning things still felt ..comfortable. Pulling down the tent showed all the condensed moisture under the emergency blanket. I think having it there stopped..compression leaks. It is smaller and lighter than a tarp. Probably wouldn’t be good for the grass/moss for extended stays, not being a breathable fabric, and it wouldn’t hold up for too many trips, but for 1.40 over say 3 nights of use, I can cope. Having a chill in tired old joints isn’t nice.

I’m on the hunt for a new pack. While the one I have is ok, it isn’t great. I’m too worried about breaking the zips/buckles/straps to pack too much in it. Ideally I’d want a proper brand name pack, in a size of about 70L. Unfortunately, these things run at about $200, and that is rather more than I want to spend, still not being certain I’ll NEED it. The Jack Wolfskin one has been out maybe 7 times in two years? Maybe a bit more now that I think about it, but not very many more. There are a couple of good brand name ones on Ebay second hand, for about $50, but only 65L. While the current pack is 80+15, I probably only use 3/4 of the space. So 65 USEABLE litres is better. I can’t really afford it just yet, but I want one!! (and new hiking boots, but that is another story).

I’m thinking about making a camping dishcloth, so I don’t have to cart a full size one. Maybe about 2 inches square. Enough to clean with, but not soak up all the water if that is at a premium. I might try one and see.

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