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Last ye…er..late 2014 I was, shall we say, ‘encouraged’ to take down my caving blog.

This was a blog I enjoyed adding to, and people (judging by site statistics) enjoyed reading. It also housed a review I was in the process of doing for the Xtar H1 light.

At least one person, a person I know, chose to ‘follow’ that blog, and subsequently took exception to something that was written in it.

This person did not come to ME about what I had written. There was always the option to leave a comment on any of those posts, as there is on this blog as well. The follower also knows my email address, and could find my mobile number with out too much hassle. And yet, chose not to get in touch. Instead, they chose to tattle to others which caused a great amount of strife. Consequences of that are still being felt. I no longer have that outlet to *talk* about things.

I deleted the blog out of respect for someone else who was put in an untenable position of go between. They were put there because the follower went to other parties with their ..concerns, and those parties went to the go between. NO ONE bothered to contact me about the words I had written.

607242 (2)

I fully expect that the same person is now following this blog. Why they would, I don’t know, but I have an excellent imagination and can come up with a multitude of reasons. Not one of them is because they are interested in hand knit socks or how to crochet a blanket.


I say to you, the readers, if you have an issue with anything I’ve written, PLEASE talk to ME about it. If not, see below:



Simply squared squares to stress

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I cannot, for the life of me, find the other section of blanket. It is now so elevated in my mind that it is about half a blanket, so there is only a ‘bit to do.’ Which is wrong. I’m sure its barely big enough for a cat to sit on. I’m about convinced it is up north in the box..with the other grey mandarin size balls. No matter. I can work on what I have and join the other section when its found.

The other day I started a square with the tapestry yarn with a vague thought to making a wool one. I still could do that. (I love the weight of the Harmony blanket, of which I dont have ‘finished’ picture. It currently has 12 blocks of 4 so its not huge, but I’m out of enough lengths of tapestry yarn to make more at the moment). I grabbed an 8m skein of tapestry yarn and started a square, but there isn’t enough meterage in a skein to make a full one. If memory serves, the pattern page in Ravelry says 13m.

I’ve been having trouble joining the squares as I go. I had thought to join at the corner spike, but that doesn’t work well since all 4 corners would be joined. I’ve changed it to ch1, sl st to next block, the treble, sl st to the next block (if there is one) and continue. I need to do some more to make sure that works nicely. It should. And if it doesn’t, who gives a toss?

On Cats:
Mine, especially the girls, have been turned outside of a night because at least one (possibly two) likes to crap inside, in the corners. They have been indoor/outdoor (free ranging?) cats since forever. 362 days a year there has been one window open to allow them to get outside to do their business (at least two in summer). Well, one hasn’t been going out. I don’t think its illness, because she seems to do it ‘deliberately’ when I am not in the room. Yesterday Snot, the one I believe is the doer, was on my lap and growled when one of the others came to the heater. I turfed her off my lap – I wont put up with that sort of behaviour. Made a note to myself that I thought that would now end up with a crap on the floor in retaliation. I checked the office before tea. Nothing. Yay! Had tea while the other cats were hogging the heater, and Snot was ‘on the bed.’ After tea I go to the loo and ..there was a huge sloppy crap on the floor. I know it wasn’t the heater hoggers, cos the warm zaps their bones. This left Snot who had been told off.

Cleaning up slop is tricky. You can’t pick it up. You can’t even wipe/mop it up. After a few seconds of trying to work out how to deal with it, I poured cat litter on it and scooped it up after it soaked a bit.

People will say cats don’t soil out of the litter box out of spite, but, there is no other way to explain it. I go away. The cat/s crap indoors AFTER I am back. Tell one off. There’s a fresh poo. I’m in the office right now, with the front and back doors open. I expect to find a fresh crap in the lounge room when I go back in there. (Whew, there isn’t).

Because they are turfed out, there is yowling at the windows during the night. Snot is the best one for being at the bedroom window. So, broken sleep there.

I’m about at the end of my tether with this.

On Cars:
Speaking of tethers…The new car is stressful. I’m still waiting for Himself to come into town for work so we can go and collect the new car. The owner accepted our offer and has taken if off the market. I’m paranoid that is will be sold from under us. I have the cheque for the accepted offer ready for it and that is a huge chunk of savings. Four years worth to be exact. I don’t dare leave the house with my bag in case the bag/purse gets lost/stolen.

Thinking about everything is making for very bad sleep.

Himself was due to come into town ‘later in the week’ for work. He thought Wednesday or Thursday. Its 10:40am Thursday now and I am expecting that he will be here after work tomorrow. This will make it a full week after the owner said he accepted the offer.

On Neighbours:
On top of the thinking, the neighbour is being a wanker again playing his music loud. Its better music now but I still dont want to hear the bass, in my room 30m away, at 11:45pm…or at 5am for that matter. I could ‘cope’ (and I use that word loosely) with the disturbed sleep if I could nap in the day. However, the neighbour likes to play his music when I feel I can nap – about 2pm.

On Stress:
So, with the cats, the car, the neighbour and the lack of sleep, I have been unbelievably stressed. Last night I turned the light off about 10:30, and was awake stressing until midnight. Awake again THINKING just after 5. Nodded off (? drowsed?) until Himself disturbed me just before 7am. Last night while thinking I thought I felt my top lip being ‘tight’ – usually a good indicator of an impending cold sore. So I got up and had a couple of lysine tablets. This morning I am feeling less anxious. Since I’ve read that lysine deficiency contributes to anxiety, I have to wonder if this has helped ‘ease my mind.’ All the issues I’ve been stressing about are still there, including the neighbour playing his music right now (that I can hear over mine), but that God-awful buzzing at the back of my head has dissipated.

I *did* play relaxing music last night too, but since I was awake til midnight, I dont think that was as relaxing as I would have liked.

I believe that the lysine played a more significant part. Of course, since cold sores also arise during stressful times, I’m not surprised. But I think I’ll try and keep taking it every day. Its cheaper than scotch, or going to the dr for anti anxiety medication.

With all the bouncing around of craft things this past week I wonder if a lot of my ‘attention span’ for things is solely due to how much I need to distract myself. For far this week I’ve fiddled with the Simply Squared things (three types – acrylic, tapestry yarn, long stitch yarn), a corner to corner in sock yarn, corner to corner in the Mt Cripps colors I dont have enough of, a dishcloth, socks. Do I start things to distract myself then when that distraction isn’t needed let it all to the wayside until I feel like finishing it? And is the delay in finishing things (years) due to the fact that working on it brings back memories/feelings associated with the original stress that caused me to start it in the first place? Do I need that distance to ‘forget’? I’d believe it.

Since it is a glorious day I think I’ll get off the computer and get on with vacuuming. The guinea pigs sawdust, that I put in the chook house on the back step, is being tracked through the house. Unfortunately, there is only me here, so its my feet bringing it in. I don’t think it sticks to cat feet, but it certainly sticks to socks..and I’m the only sock wearer.

somewhere in this house

Posted 26 July, 2016 by perigrine
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….is a ‘block’ of ‘Simply Squared’ squares. About twice as many as what I have here.

I could have SWORN they were in the blanket box. I have looked. Three times, and nope. I know I saw then ‘the other day.’ With the advent of a new car, and it being silver AND having a lot of grey yarn, I wanted to add to the squares to make a blanket for the car.

So, while I’m waiting, and having found a yarn barf of tapestry yarns, I have decided to start making the same squares in said yarn.Its pure wool, and not very good for blankets, always needing to be hand washed VERY carefully..but I want to so something. (The Mt Cripps blanket may never get done since the store I got the yarns I want next from is getting rid of yarn stocks. )

Time to join these strands of yarn. I think each one is only 60cm or something.

Out door stuff

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I pissed off earlier in the week, after many nights of broken sleep and neighbour noise during the day that made it impossible to nap. I had hoped the ‘next’ trip up north was in a new car, but alas, it wasn’t.

Since it was a full moon I tried to take arty moon photos, but..well..they were sucky. I have only *just* twigged that I could have used my phone as the remote button press to avoid touching the camera and getting the fuzzy pics. Oh well. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to see the next full moon and try again. Dawn photos seem to be the common theme up there. Probably due to the fact that it rises just off the deck. I wanted to take the camera to Little Musselroe Bay for some photos, but the weather wasn’t really conducive to tootling around. Instead I read and slept a lot. Some photos were taken though, mostly of cows, and Himself out in the paddock.

Yesterday we had a play around with the ‘hot water cooker’ that he had made for the camping trip next month. It works reasonably well. There doesn’t seem to be a steady flow of hot water though, which could be a problem. At the right flow rate you could have a warm shower without any additional cold water. It does heat up reasonably quickly – faster than a pot of cold water on the fire. He bought a 12v shower thing, with a pump….I’m now wondering if the pump could drive the water into the cooker. I’ll have to ask.

The rain we had has made the rivers rise again, with a lot of Tasmania having flood watch status. I stopped at the Ringarooma River outside Gladstone for a gander on the way home. It wouldn’t have needed much more to be touching the bridge. Ok, sure, it is probably in the hundreds of mega litres really. Then I went to the block to check the lavender. The one I thought was about dead that I planted at the end still looks remarkably dead. The rest of them are showing signs of life. All but the very first one in the string have new growth, some more than others. One properly dead out of 20+ isn’t a bad ratio. The ones in my back yard also have new growth, but it seems different to the ones at the block. It seems more…’leafy’..than ‘tippy’ but it might be coz they are different varieties.

It appears that the Frontera I was ogling is mine. The owner has said he has accepted our offer and will accept a bank cheque as payment. Until the car is actually in my drive way, I won’t believe it is mine of course. Deciding what to do with the current one is an issue. Obviously I don’t want (need) two cars, and I would like the current car gone before we go away next month. Ideally I would believe the Frontera IS mine and list the Excel *now* to get a head start on selling it. But…if the sale of the other one falls through… Although, I guess I could list it for sale and say ‘available after 27th July’ or some such. I could definitely start clearing the stuff in it out. Take the back seat covers off and wash in preparation for them to go in the other car. Take the back seat floor mats out too, and probably the passenger side. With the Frontera having lush carpet, I’m going to need a way to keep it clean. Bugger being OCD about clean boots all the time. I mean, I’ll be careful not to get in filthy, but I dont want to feel like I need to wipe my shoes off first.

I hope I’m not making a mistake. Its taken years and years to save up enough, and this one will still need things, albeit they aren’t vitally important. The car works just fine without the bullbar, roof rack cage and driving lights, but those things will also require saving for ages to be able to freely afford.

I should do something while the sun is shining. I drove home through a bit of snow earlier, so I think tonight might be a bit nippy.



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On Knitting:
In a sock knitting forum the other day someone posted the start of what they called a Knubbelchen. Its meant to be a doll of sorts, so I went looking. You can find it here. One of the pictures of a completed project looked like it used the yarn-that-will-not-be-anything so I decided that I needed to make one. I downloaded the pattern and set to work. The head of the doll is not knitted as a sphere which was a bonus.

I could NOT for the life of me work out the stitch marker placement. My head knows what I was meant to be doing, but translating that to hands, didn’t work. In the end I dispensed with the ‘start of round’ marker and used the tails of the yarn to let me know. Thinking about it now, having a stitch marker at the end/start of a needle may have been my issue since I was working on DPNs. What ever it was, I got through it.

Dividing for the arms was tricky and I’ve put them on my 9″ circulars. If I could find the other ball of the yarn I’m using (it was there when I started!) I could do a row or two of the arms. It hasn’t been too hard to make thus far. I may make another for the hell of it.

On Crochet:
My Van Gogh blanket is reinstated. This time I started with the no chain single crochet for 120 (ish). I forgot (?) to check my bed to see if it will fit however. I’m still not sure it will. There is a cat on my lap, so I can’t move at the moment.  I’ve just searched for the original thread/s in Crochetville and found that the original blankets were done with just two strands. I have three.

The palest yellow ran out with about half a row to go, so I have substituted the cream. Since there is just the one strand of cream/yellow with two lime its not the slightest bit noticeable. Indeed, you can only really tell it IS yellow when there are three strands together.

I had planed to put a pale pink in next, but when I tried that it ended up looking a lot like the the yellow. I changed it to a ‘hot’ pink and it looks much better. The lime ran out, again with a row  and a half to go, so I had to get a slightly different shade of lime to finish it. I don’t think it will be overly noticeable in the finished product. I have found that if I stop crocheting 1 stitch short of where the color changes, cut the yarn to about 6 inches and attach the new color with a fishermans knot (trimming the ends), there is no obvious color demarcation…and no tail either. If the color doesn’t change *exactly* where it needs to be..I really dont care either. The less ends the better.

The blanket was planned to be done in pastels, but I’m not sure I have enough yarn to actually achieve that. After the hot pink I plan to use brown. Any further colors will have to be chosen based on how much I have of that color. I should weigh the yarn and see what I get. I think I need a good 130grams per color. Its a good stash buster either way.

On Cars:
it is looking more and more likely I’ll have the Frontera. Its very exciting! I need/want a way to keep the cats and or possums off it. I did think of electrifying the body of the car..but I don’t think that would be approved of. I found this Isuzu that would also be very nice to have. It has all the bits the Frontera is ‘missing’ but, its a 2 door and I am rather over two door cars. Its also a bit too old. I know I’ve always said nothing older than what I have, but I’d really like to get into this century with a car. But yeah…nudge bar, extra lights, UHF radio, tow bar (reversing light). Oh well. On the other hand, I can get these bits to my specifications over time.

A roof rack cage is on the list of things to get as well. I want a fairly ‘deep’ one, maybe 15cm or so. I plan to carry 2 x 10L of fuel up there. Well..that’s assuming I can lift it up and down. A 20L container would definitely be too heavy for me to lift that high. A few 4wding videos show the roof rack with the extra lights as well, so that is a consideration. A side light for camping would be good, but I won’t NEED that for a while. A bullbar and extra driving lights will come first. Then maybe a tool box for behind the back seat to hold the oil, water, coat, gumboots and things. If nothing else, that gives me the space above them back, something that I dont have currently coz those things run around loose in the back of the Excel. The lid of a tool box, or cargo box if you prefer, should be strong enough to hold a bag of camping food, or maybe two sleeping bags.

Well, the sun has come out, so I should get off the computer,  hang the washing, and see about dealing with the headache I have

Various things

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On Crochet:
For a while I’ve wanted to make a ‘spare’ (*eye roll*) blanket, to use up my yarns, and well…just coz. I wanted it in pastels and in the Van Gogh effect. The other night I started one, using a 12mm hook. I had thought that ‘it would work’ with three differing colors from the start, but it patently doesn’t. To me at any rate. I left it over night and eventually undid it. I’ll start it again, using three of the same color and making better graduations like I did for the rainbow one. Making the extra balls will be a pain, and I expect I’ll run out of some of the colors. I have half a mind to take it to the hut at Mt Cripps and leave it as a gift. Anyone who finds the hut can use it, and a blanket might be appreciated. *I* certainly dont need one.

On Knitting:
I just started thinking handknit socks might also be a good idea as a gift for the hut, but I dont think that would work. Bugs would like them WAY too much. Granny slippers in acrylic might work though.

I thought I had finally finished off the log cabin square that has been sitting here beside the computer since whenever I was last waffling about them. I thought it looked crooked, and believed it was the ‘fat’ 8ply that caused it. Turns out I haven’t actually finished it at all. Oops. Time to pick up stitches with a new yearn and work on it 9 stitches at a time in ‘quiet’ moments.

The other day I got the ‘work on something when you’re bored’ WIP out of the car and brought it inside. It is a pair of ‘rust’ socks and I’d thought to knit them on the 5 inch bamboo needles. Turns out I don’t actually LIKE bamboos needles and so they never got much further than the first two or three rows of increases. I put them on aluminium needles and now I’m flying along. I took them into town the other day to work on while waiting for an appointment. I walk through City Park, and in City Park there is a statue of Mr Gunn. I dont recall who he is (a naturalist?? nuh, botanist) but his posture always begs for someone to do something with it. Most often I see flowers or something (conkers) in his hands. With the socks in my bag, I decided that I would add something, and gave him a sock.😀 I took it back off him though. Its amusing. One day I’ll have a real book with me and let him have a read.

On Animals:
The chooks are laying again! yay! real eggs!

I picked up some guinea pigs the other week from someone who’s kids had gotten bored with their Christmas present. Its nice to have small furry friends again, but I dont think they were handled much at all. Which might account for the kids disinterest – what 6yo wants a pet that wriggles trying to get away? I don’t think they had ever been outside, cos when I put them outside in the big hutch they seemed petrified. I brought them back in that night, but with their cage being ‘small’ they were chasing each other around being nasty. As a result, I put them outside in the big cage and they stayed out all night. It would have been a lot colder, but there is far more room to escape someone chasing you. They didn’t freeze to death and they are having a great time eating the grass.

On Car Buying:
Himself and I went out to look at the Frontera I’ve been ogling. It is a very very nice car. The only obvious thing ‘wrong’ with it was the TOD light thing. Or maybe the entire system. Since Himself has a ‘manual’ 4wd, and I don’t know a thing about them, we aren’t sure about this. When the knob was moved the front wheels on the dash ‘car’ flashed. According to the book, this shouldn’t happen. It should be back wheels, or all 4 wheels. Like so.

While ‘we’re’ thinking about it, I looked at some YouTube clips to see how it might handle off road. Not that I plan to be doing such, but if it handles the crap 4wders put them through, well, a boggy gravel road should be ok, yes? To that end I’ve found Greg’s Adventure, Ben’s Adventure, 4wd Boolora, and the Top Gear review thing of the British version. The Top Gear one isn’t overly promising..but..it is 1991, and a different make, even if the model name and style is the same. Australian ones started in 1999, and even those were less than average. Later models were vastly improved.

Things I liked about the one we looked at:
The seats – all cushy velour
The height – not too tall and not too short. I could just about slide in. I have to sit down in the Excel, and climb up in the Mans ute.
The boot space – it has far more square centimetres than the Excel.
Two spare ‘sockets’ – one in the front under the regular old lighter socket, and one in the boot space. I’ve been thinking about a 12v charging station for the Excel, but didn’t know how to actually do that. The Frontera comes equipped! I think the Mans fridge can use a socket.
It handled very well on the road, but you could hear it using fuel. Ok ok ok…its a 6 cylinder big car, not a small 4 cylinder one.
It still has a key to gain entry.
Reportedly has an engine immobiliser.
The extra storage spaces in the boot. The jack lives in a little cut out on the left of the car, and there is a larger space on the right for?? Perhaps the jump start thing could live there. Actually, its probably for a snatch strap. On the back of boot door was netting for storing other things.
The tyres were good. Easily a couple of years of my sort of driving in them.

Things I didn’t like:
The flashing light – repairable? we don’t know. It seems to be a common issue that no one seems to be able to fix. I *need* to know it is actually in 4wd. I manual 4wd engagement would be much easier, rather than relying on an automatic one.
Getting into the boot. – Its a two part door. I’m sure I would get used to it, but to open the boot, there is a push button (like the old old old cars) and a lifting handle. But you have to lift the glass part before you can open the bottom door. A video, it’s the British version, but at 2 minutes you can see how it works.
Having a light on the dash (to show what gear you’re in) was disconcerting as well, since all the lights on any dash I’ve ever been in front of usually means ‘take notice of something important.’
No bull bar. I really want one in case I have a run in with a kangaroo. I’d prefer this British type, but this would work. This type at the VERY least.
No ‘driving lights.’ – Without at least a nudge bar, there is nowhere to mount any either.
No on board UHF. I have a little one the Man gave me, but he doesn’t seem inclined to actually install it in the Excel.

All in all though, I like this car.

The worry I have is, are they scarce because they are crap cars? (in a general sense). Lots of people rave about them, but there are just as many who have trouble. I made a point to LOOK for one while walking in town the other day and found ONE. I think I saw two yesterday when we were driving to look at the ogled one. One for sure, the other was a maybe. Or is this a case of not being able to see something until its yours? I swear there were no Excels around until I got mine, and now every third car is one. One visits my street, one lives 300m away, and another is a bit further down the road. There is one exactly the same as mine, color and style, and there are at least two more in my color in a 4 door version. And those are just the ones I know about off the top of my head.

Well, the washing machine is about finished, so I had better go and sort that out and change rooms. My feet are frozen, despite two pairs of socks on.

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