Second pair finalised

Posted 2 August, 2015 by perigrine
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Well, the second pair of liners are done. I made a rooky mistake by not *thinking* about things when lopping the legs off the trousers. Namely, “how far down do these leg sections go?” – which, for THIS pair, was “right to the floor.” The first pair ended at the ankle, so there was about 2 inches missing from the 2nd pair. I mean, they would still work, but I want to be able to fold the top bit over the boot top, and I really don’t want the leg parts sinking down.

What to do? what to do? I didn’t want PINK again, and there isn’t really enough of the green or purple. Blue would have been ok, but I kind of wanted a color that would stand out in the dark. Thinking…I could go to Spotlight, but no..I had a pair of orange fleece leggings I made, but didn’t quite finish – no baby, no pressing need. I eyed off how much fabric was in the bum part and determined that there was enough to add cuffs.

Being the careful person that I am, I lopped off most of the bum part and checked the stretch. It went the OTHER way of course, so there was no just halving the section I’d cut off and sewing that on. Ok, yes, I could have, but..well, you know. So I unpicked the seams, cut the bits up and pinned them on – only to find they weren’t quite enough. Bugger! I eyed off the legs of the leggings and chopped those off as well, then straightened things before sewing the bit of fabrics together. Attaching the cuff to the leg was about the easiest part I think.

Last night I hand sewed the purple toes on, finding that I needed to pleat the toe to make it fit to the toe that was already there. Short of doing that I would have had to cut a dart out, sew that up and probably get it wrong. A pleat worked, and ‘sounds’ better/warmer. I needed two needles, one to start the main part, and the second to start the other side to get the pleat part in the right spot. I probably would have managed with just the one needle, but I didn’t know what I was doing until I did it. I quite like how the toes look. Strangely, the pleated parts are opposite, without me realising.

The pink liners are different lengths still, but I will fix that eventually. Probably by chopping off the extra length, rather than adding a bit to the shorter one.

I now need to try NOT to make more. I don’t need any more, but soft soled indoor slippers would be nice…and Spotlight does have that sale on…


Another pair

Posted 31 July, 2015 by perigrine
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So I made another pair of liners, using this… I really wish there had been a proper pattern to get the shape of the leg part. I meant to have the sole and toe double layered, but I kind of got ahead of myself and forgot to include the purple top, coz I wasn’t thinking.

The leg fleece came straight of a pair of polar fleece pants I have. I thought, erroneously, that it would save a bit time. Problem is, the legs were flat (face on), while the original liners were side on, so the cut ended up crooked. I could have left it and just attached the leg as is, but I didn’t want the seams from and back.

To get the shape for the top, I just traced my foot to the extremities of the slip on slippers I have on, and drew a line over the top. The shape of that looked rather odd, so I tweaked it a bit to look more like the top in the guide. I tried various methods for getting the right shape for the leg part, but eventually just folded the slipper part in half and moved it up the leg fabric until it ‘fitted,’ then lopped off the angle the top created.

Sewing it together was a right pain in the bum, the leg looked like it wouldn’t fit along the top and sole. I repinned it a couple of times before sewing it up. I still don’t like it, there isn’t enough ‘fitting’ around the ankle (which is likely why the original page shows the completed liner IN the boot). I will fiddle with the liner and probably hand sew the purple toes on, but for now, I have two pairs of boot liners.

There is also this link to ‘Cozy Socks‘ that I feel like trying. I believe I will wander to the op shop after I’ve posted this and see if the green polar fleece blanket is still there. I’m ok with making them longer to fit in boots.

Gumboot liners

Posted 30 July, 2015 by perigrine
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With snow expected in Tasmania, falling maybe to 100m and a proposed trip to see said snow, I decided that in the interests of warmer feet I should make some gumboot liners. Mostly because I’m too stingy to buy new boots or store made liners.

I had a look around for some patterns, finding Fleece Boot Socks, DIY Rain Boot Liners, Fleece Wellie Liners, and DIY Rain Boot Liners tutorial. I liked the tutorial one best, so I decided that one would do.

Despite the LYS having 40% off fabrics, I decided to be frugal and use what I have. The polar fleece I have the most of is thin and horrid, so no good for keeping feet warm. I have scraps of a good quality jacket though, so I used a bit of that for the soles. There wasn’t enough in the right places for making the tops (I could probably have pieced them together though, but that was too much mucking around), so I used another scrap. The thin horrid stuff I used for the legs. My legs don’t need to stay warm. Well..AS warm as my toes anyway. Chilblains suck.

So I traced my feet (which means I now have a left and right liner.) Then I traced the top part from another pattern for ease of use onto paper and cut that out. Grabbed the purple fleece and folded that long ways and traced the paper pattern. Flipped the paper left to right and did that again. I cut those out, then traced and cut the legs, allowing an extra bit just in case. The last thing I wanted was leg lengths an inch shorter than the actual gumboots to get eaten.

After pinning the purple to the green (right sides together is good!), I had oodles of length hanging out the back. The pattern for the top was for a size 9 foot, and mine is 7.5-8, but that was ok. Again, more is..more..Adding 7.5mm back on would have been a pain. Sewing it together was awkward, since I followed the directions and went centre out, but I can see why it was done that way. Sewing the leg parts on was harder, coz there was all this bunched up fabric on the wrong side of the foot! I managed though and after turning them in the right way I checked the sizing. I will most likely wear these with sock and jeans under, so nothing could be form fitting. I just pinned the fabric and took the liner off. Straightened the fabric so the edges were together better, drew a line and repinned. Then, scarily, just lopped off the extra. I don’t recommend this.

I traced the shape of the first liner onto the second, and didn’t cut that off. Then I sewed the chopped on up, tried that on and it worked. Sewed up the other, just a bit inside the line and after turning them both in the right way, they fit well. Loose, but not too sloppy. There is a hole at the end of the heels that I may, or may not sew up. I’m thinking that it would be better to have that bit of room in case the socks I wear with them are a bit thicker than the ones I have on now that I tested them with. I don’t really want popped stitches.

Having a double layer sole would probably be good, and a double layered toe certainly would. I may well make another pair so if this one gets damp playing in the snow I have a spare pair. I have a couple of pairs of polar fleece trousers in the cupboard that I have shrunk out of, so they could be good for the legs. But for now..I like them. I think I saw a slightly different more long slipper type pattern, so maybe I’ll make another pair with that pattern. (It is the Fleece Wellie Liners) This pattern is a wee bit more complex.

I think I’ll finish these off, wash them and see how they go. Then decide if I want to crochet a fancy trim ;)

Lost pads

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Ok…’sold’ really, but since I will have gotten less than $1 for EACH…I’m most saddened about the green one and my monsters. But I have enough fabric the rest are made from to recreate them. Which I think I will do. I don’t think I have enough of the green, but if I piece all the parts of the monster fabric, I might just get enough for a topper. This is the downside of ‘limited edition’ prints! Since I got the green from my sister, she might still have some left.

Note to self…if you are particularly fond of something, put it away!


Cloth wipes, mended machines and more

Posted 22 July, 2015 by perigrine
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With the Singer skipping stitches and ‘ruining’ the experiment pad, I looked up timing. I found a few links, and even YouTube tutorials(?) things that showed how to sort this issue (I’ll find them later). So I tried it. I managed to undo everything and ‘fix’ it, but the machine only went in reverse. This was sort of ok, but a bit of a pain holding the button in. When a suitably inclined mechanical person turned up, they fixed it properly, and then fix the non-feeding other machine. It seems the cam only needed a 90 degree turn or some such. I went on to make a couple of the angled pads. This is one shape I just cant like to sew. I’m not sure why, maybe because the machine chucked a hissy fit when I did the first one, but yeah. Not a favourite. Although I do like the continuous line to anchor the core to the top. I might make some more, but…maybe not.


For the hell of it, I decided to try out making cloth wipes – if only to have in the car for quick trips into the bush. Using less loo paper at home is a consideration, but it isn’t a major factor. My loo isnt flushed every time 300ml of wee is added to it (I don’t see a need to waste 14L of water to do so..or even 7), so using cloth when it isnt getting flushed makes sense.

It took a bit of effort to find a tutorial that I liked. This one, with the accompanying video was the best one. There is also this one that made it to Pinterest. I wanted the double layer top stitched type. And these two, which are ‘wrong side together’ versions. Second one. I’d try the overlocker though. And still might!

I decided to do these ‘properly’ using the iron to smooth out the wrinkles. I hadn’t thought ironing fabric would make a huge difference, but it does. Since these need to be square (lest they annoy me too much) ironing was the way to go. I dug out the fabrics I wanted, some scrap parts that were too short to be pads even and decided to make the squares 8 inches. The first scrap of fabric I had though, didn’t *quite* get 3 x 8″ squares. To minimise waste (I didn’t want a ‘useless’ 6.75 inch strip after all) I decided that 7.5 inches would do fine. For some stupid reason, cutting squares was harder than pad shapes! Eventually I gave up trying to measure neatly and made a template. Cat food boxes, just so you know, are 7 inches wide. Foiled again! I went sideways and chopped off the missing bit of my 7.5″ square from the other side of the box and sticky taped it together. This made sizing up lengths much easier. I finished ironing the fabrics and cut out what I could of the squares. I didn’t want too many of the same print.

With the sewing machines fixed, sewing went rather well. The needle felt a bit ‘jabby’ – like it was blunt – but I’m not sure how it can be, since it was put in new. By the end of the day, done in batches, I’d made 24 wipes. Each measures 7×7″ (18x18cm) for a total surface area of 324cm…while 8 sheets of loo paper, one side is 440. Yes, I’m a bit nerdy like that.

I just might make a few more specifically for having in the car.


The sugar used to be 2kg of rock hard brown sugar that has been in someones fridge for a year or more. The white is where I’ve tried to scrape it off. Google said ‘20 seconds in the microwave with a damp paper towel‘ would work, and it did. Sort of. About half a teaspoon softened. I did this a few times and had no luck softening the brick of sugar considerably. So, I put 1/4 jug of hot water in the microwave and zapped it for two mins, then put the bowl with brick of sugar in it and left it in the humidity. A few hours later it was noticeably softened, but not enough. I did it again just before bed and left the bowl of sugar in the little sauna. By morning it was all done. It still had a few rocks, but this time I could crush them in my fingers.

I’m glad I didn’t just chuck the sugar out.

Its stayed soft, in case anyone was wondering. I thought it would solidify, but it hasn’t..yet.


The blanket I found on Facebook. I think its started as usual, then as it gets bigger, it is reversed so there isn’t a million ends. Maybe I’ll ask Rav.

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