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Posted 17 January, 2016 by perigrine
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Last ye…er..late 2014 I was, shall we say, ‘encouraged’ to take down my caving blog.

This was a blog I enjoyed adding to, and people (judging by site statistics) enjoyed reading. It also housed a review I was in the process of doing for the Xtar H1 light.

At least one person, a person I know, chose to ‘follow’ that blog, and subsequently took exception to something that was written in it.

This person did not come to ME about what I had written. There was always the option to leave a comment on any of those posts, as there is on this blog as well. The follower also knows my email address, and could find my mobile number with out too much hassle. And yet, chose not to get in touch. Instead, they chose to tattle to others which caused a great amount of strife. Consequences of that are still being felt. I no longer have that outlet to *talk* about things.

I deleted the blog out of respect for someone else who was put in an untenable position of go between. They were put there because even after the follower went to other parties with their ..concerns, and those parties went to the go between. NO ONE bothered to contact me about the words I had written.

607242 (2)

I fully expect that the same person is now following this blog. Why they would, I don’t know, but I have an excellent imagination and can come up with a multitude of reasons. Not one of them is because they are interested in hand knit socks or how to crochet a blanket.


I say to you, the readers, if you have an issue with anything I’ve written, PLEASE talk to ME about it. If not, see below:



More socks

Posted 11 February, 2016 by perigrine
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I’m loving the plain tweedy sort of ones, and not really loving the new ones all that much. I plan to turn the rest of the ‘fire’ yarn into me size socks, since I paid far too much for the yarn. I think those ones would look nicer paired with the rest of the ‘cute’ sock yarn to break it up a bit.

The 3 – 6 month size ones…well..I’m actually considering frogging them. The yellow yarn would also look good paired with the ‘fire’ yarn I think.

It is tempting to knit this 5 hour jacket in the fire yarn as well, to see how it comes out. I love the mochi plus ones. I really wish Australian variegated yarns had longer colorways. If the fire yarn had doubled the length of the colors, I think it would have looked a lot nicer. Almost but not quite self striping.

Speaking of, I found this yarn from a Facebook post last night. Ice Yarn, Magic light.  Unfortunately it is acrylic so no good at all for socks, and their sock yarn is all ‘the same’ as the other self striping sock yarn. I have two pairs of socks with real sock yarn and they both have those flecky sections. Which I don’t like. I just investigated more. They DO have long color way wool. The problem with this yarn is that you can only buy 4 of the same color at a time, and I do not NEED 800m of this yarn. That said though, I bought that much at a time of the yarn that is in the 3-6m baby socks..which is why I am using it. There is scads left. I’d buy this as well, at 70% wool.  Ah well. I just checked the postage. Subtotal:A$19.81. Shipping & Handling:A$8.35. Total:A$28.16. Not happening. I *could* con myself into it if I could have half and half at least. It would still be cheapish socks at 7.50 a pair though. 

Maybe I’ll go cast on the fire yarn and make me socks. I bought the 5″ dpn’s from eBay, and I might try those out. I will use a mix of 2.5 and 2.75mm..or maybe 2.75 and 3mm, since I use 9. But it will be fun to see how they work. Somewhere I read once that some wonderful ‘experienced’ knitter used a dpn of each different size and it made no noticeable difference. Half the time I’m not sure what size I’m using anyway, but its usually ‘about’ a 3mm.


Cuff down baby socks

Posted 6 February, 2016 by perigrine
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Well, I did it. These took FAR more ‘work’ than the four at a time. I do like the LTCO with the knit and purl stitch orientations though.

I vaguely used Rowans Socks as the pattern. I think I made the foot too short, but I didn’t *know* when to start the toe like I would on my own foot. Happily, babies come in a variety of sizes, so if I ever sold these, they would fit someone. I used a fleegle heel for the fun of it too.

The grafting for the toes was a mess. I tried to watch a video while doing it (taking advantage of the fifty million gigabytes from the NBN), but watching that on the phone while trying to work and think was too much, and I was wrecking the tail. I don’t know why I can’t *get* it, my brain can work out how to do the grafting stitches without the needles in the knit stitches. Maybe I need more practice. I gave up and used the paper print out.

I still have left over yarns, and still more skeins of yarn because I bought 300gms at a time so I could go all out making baby, or even toddler socks. And there is this neck warmer (headband?) I picked up at the op shop…it is cast off too tight…it has rust, olive, tangerine and eggplant in it…

We’ll see. I may look around for another cuff down pattern first.

Baby socks

Posted 5 February, 2016 by perigrine
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For the fun of it, I decided to see about knitting a baby sock. Singular. I found an actual paper pattern I printed out yonks ago and started one (the green on the group of 4 up there ^) I seriously did not like how that started, so I decided to try MY way, with the backwards loop cast on type increase, since that is what I do for my socks, and I like it. Cast on two more, in different yarns so I didn’t get confused, and decided I liked that increase method better than KFB. I used the nickel plated circular needle I have, coz it is lovely and slidey. I think it is 2.5mm. Somehow I managed to knit two entire socks on it, heels and all. I’m not a fan of magic loop, finding it way too much mucking around for normal size socks, but it was wonderful for the baby ones.

With those two socks done, I did consider leaving them as is, but decided to see if I could fix the toe part to be ‘better,’ and cast on three more. Got a few rows in and decided to add on the green one I’d started. It was a smidge longer so I should have done a couple more rows on the three first. I got all those done, but on the 4th heel I used a dpn to work it. There was just too much crowding to do it neatly. I’m actually quite impressed that I managed to do it.

But, of course, I was left with two socks that didn’t have mates. The blue and the green were made from left over yarn from my socks, and I had to bodgy up the cuff of the blue coz I ran out of that particular yarn. What to do?? So, I started the foot of the second one with the same yarn that I’d used for the cuff of the first. There wasn’t much of the original blue left, so I thought it would be best if I used that for the cuff, rather than having totally mismatched socks.

So, two more socks cast on, and completed. It was getting close by the time I was at the heels, but I managed to get them done, with a few metres to spare.

There are no babies around that can use them though. I have a new grand daughter (14th Jan), and a great nephew (1st Feb), but it is summer here and no one will put wool socks on a baby now.

I want to try cuff down ones, I have some more left over yarn. I found this YouTube clip earlier, and it seems you can make a purl stitch with the LTCO, so I am tempted to try that. I can get the half a sock cast on, and the stitches for the second sock, but getting the second half of the first sock cast on seem tricky. I may need to try that with scrap acrylic a couple of times.

Someone in the Facebook knitting group shared this last night, and I found it fitting. In less than a week two people have ‘hinted’ that I should make them socks, or crochet them a blanket. Each of those baby socks have some 800 stitches in them. 8 x 800 = 6400.

Ah, the way I did the toes:

co 8 (over 2 needles – so 4 on each)

knit 1 round

K1, inc 1, around (16 in total)

knit 1 round

(this is just one side) k2, inc1, k1, inc1, k2, inc1, k1, inc1, k2 (24 in total)

knit as usual

On the right side of the heel, facing me, (I don’t turn and purl, I knit backwards), I lifted the wrap up and put it on the LEFT needle with the stitch, then knit through the back loop. This put the new stitch on the right needle, which I left, since you have to slip the first stitch anyway. This made for a much neater heel than purling the stitch and wrap together. Not sure why.


Well, time to practice casting on for cuff down sockies. If all else fails, I can either do toe up again, or start a couple of tops and transfer then after a couple of rows to the long circular. I may need to find another tv series to watch though.

Merino top

Posted 2 February, 2016 by perigrine
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At the op shop last week I found a long sleeve merino top for 4$. It is a brand called Ebony, designed in NZ. The tag had ‘as is’ on it, but aside from a small hole (at the time) I couldn’t see much else wrong with it. Since I’ve been lusting after merino long underwear for camping, I decided that I could cope with a few little holes and bought it.

Once home in MUCH better light, I found it had more than a ‘few small holes’ and set about sewing them up. Holding it up to the light I could see quite a few ‘worn’ parts that weren’t holes yet. I tosses up how to fix those. Sewing was a rather gross (as in large) mend. But what about nail polish? it works on stockings, yes? I planned to use a clear one, but in the drawer I found the nice green one that ‘matched’! yay! Dabbed it on some holes and let them dry.

Then I washed it.

In the machine.

It came out looking decidedly moth eaten. A lot of the sewn up holes had ‘torn out,’ a few of the ‘glued’ holes had washed out. Other holes appeared. I did think maybe the little sewn on label might have pulled threads, but after finding holes under the stitching of the waist hem, decided that the top really had just been moth eaten. I glued up some more thin areas, sewed up some much larger holes, and decided that would do. Its for camping. No one will care.

I’m not sure how I’ll keep fixing the holes, but I’ve just remembered there are (were) wool singlets at the op shop. It is feasible that I could buy one and use it for patching. However, as soon as I cut one, I’ll be left with edges that will fray, almost as much as the top. I think I’d rather have holes, than shed bits of wool, since it itches me at the best of times. Tiny fabric patches might work, or, probably better, actual fabric glue.

To prevent more moths having a nibble, the top is now in the freezer. I’m having a Google to see how to moth proof clothes, but that is mainly all about getting rid of them. I know yarn used to be moth proofed, but I don’t know how it got that way. Oh, like this. That probably isn’t an option for the top. Oh well.

Sweet tomato heel socks

Posted 1 February, 2016 by perigrine
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I finished the socks. YAY! I was stressing myself out because they didn’t look like they would fit, so I caved in and used a lifeline and tried one on. It does fit ok, maybe a smidge too tight over the instep, but nothing overly alarming. I would like to knit another pair and try half the stitches rather than 2/3 to see if that changes things.

Since I freed up 9 needles, and found some under the desk (eye roll), I put the other socks that have been hanging around onto dpns. They had been on 9″ circs, but while that is faster..it is kind of also slower. If that makes sense? Now I should get onto the hiking socks and be done with.

While hunting around in the cupboard the other week (month..year actually) I found a mandarin-ish size ball of wool that will ‘go with’ the brown socks which were one of the first pairs I made – 2011! These socks are wearing out in the heel, but are also too big all over since I didn’t know the ‘increase until the toe fits over the first 4 toes’ method of sizing. The heel yarn will be thin, and I’ll probably have to leave out a whole section of yarn, but I think I should be able to cope with the amount of yarn I have at the right size, plus the found ball, if I chop the thin parts out.


If you didn’t know, and I’ll do a proper post later, Tasmania has had 80+ bushfires these past 3 weeks. One major one was up at Lake MacKenzie and went through Devils Gullet. Thousands of hectares were burnt and there was no ‘significant’ rain predicted for 6-8 weeks to help. Well, we got our rain. The lightning also started MORE fires, but we got it. 145mm at Lorinna, which is kind of close to Lake Mackenzie. Launceston had flooding. St Mary’s had flooding. Orford had flooding. But..we got rain.

There is something…reverential..knowing that I got some of the very last photos of the area before fire went through it.

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