It had better not have been that simple

Posted 28 February, 2015 by perigrine
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For years I have bemoaned the fact that the sewing machine wouldn’t feed (or one of them anyway, the other one loops threads).

So, I Googled, again, and found all the same advice. “Feed dogs are too low” “clean lint” “change needle” all being said. But them I found a post that said the ‘backwards’ thingy was half locked, and the fabric wouldn’t feed. I flicked mine, just in case. Squirted all the likely looking places with WD40, and pulled the plate and arm cover off to ‘see’.

I found this post on Yahoo. My machine doesn’t have the option to lower the feed dogs, so it wasn’t that. The part where it mentions “the presser foot pressure is set too lightly” didn’t make sense (how can you adjust that??), and even this page says ‘presser foot is up’ – I know how to work that, until I watched this little clip on YouTube.

Then I’m like “…um…maybe I only put the foot back on when it is RAISED.” So, I put the bits back together, DROP the foot shaft and see if the foot itself goes back on. Nope, out of line, the hole is lower than the slot on the foot. I raise the shaft a fraction, and screw the foot on.

Test it.

And get…this.












Fabric that fed through ALL BY ITSELF – which is why it is crooked. I was playing with the stitch selector, so its not straight stitch, but, you get the idea.

Guess who feels a bit stupid?

So, if your fabric isn’t feeding and nothing else works, remove the foot. Lower the foot shaft and re-attach the foot it the lowest possible position.



I got this message in the mail today

Posted 25 February, 2015 by perigrine
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From Ghazaleh Lowe.

While I understand it is a group mail sent out to everyone, I found it quite apt for me today.


Interesting Image

Dear Me,
There will always be hiccups along the way, kinks in the road and knots to untie…

Every dream has up hills, storms, exhaustions, burn outs and moments where you could possibly throw your hands up in the air and curse the world for the hard parts…

No matter what journey or path we take there will be moments where it’s going to be hard to breathe, moments where you just want to close your eyes and hide under the pillow. Moments where it’ll feel easier to not face the day and to not have to look at the fears we carry…

We each have our own mountains to climb and oceans to travel and sometimes the ocean will feel as though it’s our fierce competitor. The very ocean that throws us around and smashes us under each wave, is the same ocean that carries us to the other side of our vision, our dream. The very ocean that can drown us is the same ocean that time and time again revives us…

The point being is that there is no easy way. There is no smooth road, no path without challenges, no life without ups and downs. And before you knock on every single path to find the easy road my friend, take the time to accept that it’s every single pain and challenge that rises us beyond our potentials… 

As one individual you can bring a change into this world that has the capacity to awaken every soul…
Don’t look for easier, rather look to rise from the very place you are in. Use the space you are in to rise beyond the very limitations that have brought you into this space…

The point I am making is that you are bigger than all of this. Of course you are and as one individual you can bring a change into this world that has the capacity to awaken every soul…

You are greatness because of what you have been through, you are unbreakable because of the parts of life that have thrown you to your knees in surrender….

Do you know the pain the world has to go through in order to be dark, only for you to notice your light and shine?

The sooner we see ourselves as light, the sooner we can allow the role of the darkness that has been for our own sake to dissipate…

Sending you much love on any journey that you are choosing to be on.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to speak. 


Posted 24 February, 2015 by perigrine
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I am pleased to say the pads I made did not fall apart in the wash. Whew.

While it is extremely tempting to make oodles more, if they wont be used, there isn’t much point in doing so. I could donate them to places, but really, who is going to want to use ‘second hand’ cloth pads?

I might ‘process’ the rest of the bathrobe and the pyjama pants, and wait a while to see how the ones for the friend are received.

Using the polar fleece bag and cushion cover is extremely tempting. And how cute is that kitty fabric??

The wings seem to be a bit small, and thinking about it, I am not sure I would like all that bulk there (2x flannel, 2x fleece + seams), so I am wondering if using bra hooks might work on the fleece backed ones, and leave the overlap/snap types for thinner fabric. We’ll see.

The op shop is open today, so I may well wander up with my loose change and see what is there to play with.

UFO shape

Posted 23 February, 2015 by perigrine
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I got cocky. 😕

Decided to ‘keep going’ around the edge and sew the narrow line (like on the video!!) BEFORE doing the wing parts, and I went all around the outside.


I had to unpick the extra parts and do it right. I quite like it. Enough to make another one or two any way.

Whether I will ever use them is another matter, but to have for just in case in the car or overnight bag, well, I could handle that. If they got grotty I can wash them, yes?

I should get on with washing the bits my friend gave me to make her some, and then make them now that I have had a bit of practice.

Finished and sky pics

Posted 23 February, 2015 by perigrine
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I added the grooves/anchor points to the pads yesterday, and tossed them in the machine. Of course I don’t have enough washing to wash and see how they hold up. With various styles of grooves, I decided the see which one I like better, or which soaks better. Visually I like the trio and the ‘race track’.

Since my template is on thin card off a cereal box, I wanted to make a more sturdy one. Not finding an ice cream container lid large enough, I went with a bit of card from a calendar. I don’t recommend it. The ribs make it hard to cut corners. I guess I’ll have to wait until the cats finish the next box.

I want to try this shape – which I call a UFO, cos it reminds me of a flying saucer for some reason. The style is a bit more fiddly than I like though, so that wont happen.

I have polar fleece leftover from other projects – well, not left over as such, just not used in anything yet – and I plan on trying to make that into the UFO shape, adding the basic pad shape to it and a couple of snaps. I’m not sure if that will work as a waterproof layer, but I’ll try.

Its tempting to go to the op shop to see if there are any flannelette pyjama tops or pillowcases. :D

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