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The African Flower Blanket

31 March, 2012

Will presumably be DONE today. Including the addition of half motifs and the ends sewn in.

When I was sorting out the next row (really two rows, a dip and peak), I was so blind I didn’t see that there are at least two sets of petals of the same color/yarn ‘touching’ and I’ve just found two edge colors that touch too. Now, I swear I checked to make sure it was all suduko’d. But maybe they got mixed up when I picked them up to sew together. Or maybe I just wasn’t watching carefully.

Then, in my eagerness to be DONE, I attached a motif THREE times before I got it where it was meant to be. This is impressive when the motifs only have six sides, and one was already being used. Then I did the same thing again a couple of motifs later.

I had a look to see if I could use the new row on the other side, but that wont work either. So, it stays as is and I will have to cope. :'(

I attached the half motifs and sewed the ends on before attaching the last row. I’ll do the other side halves when this row is added.

Whew…just looked at these side rows, and TECHNICALLY they aren’t the same, so it  is two different navy’s.

My sister (who sews) asked me how much I’d charge to make one of these. I told her she didn’t want to know. She guesstimated 1000$. I said something like that. I’m sure she is shocked, even though I know she knows  the value of handmade.

I’ve been thinking of it like this: (She makes patchwork skirts. Charging some 80$ for one.)

Ok, great. I’ve used say, 30 different yarns in this blanket. At 4$ a ball, that is, all by itself, 120$.

Oh but, its SCRAP yarn!

Yep, and by default, patchwork is made from scrap fabric.

Patchwork takes time to organise prettily. 

Yes, so did this.

It took me lots of time to match all these squares and sew them together. My time is worth a lot.

I had to actually MAKE the fabric this is made from. Then hand sew them together, and neatly sew in the ends.

Oh, but…

Each motif, including sewing in the ends, took about 30 minutes. At 15$ an hour, JUST making the 261 full motifs is worth ….3915$ add yarn…4030. Add on another amount of dollars for actually sewing the motifs together into strips, the half ones, the strips together and the resultant ends… and it is a VERY VERY expensive blanket.

So, 1000$ is a bargain?

Yep! at a dollar per full motif, not including any sewing together or halves, it is still going to cost someone at least 380$


Best get this finished. I’ll upload a photo when its done.!


All in all, it has taken 7 weeks to make.


29 March, 2012

As of 9:50am I have 16 full motifs left (and a number of halves). I think that is enough for one full row, but I haven’t counted the slots yet. I’m not sure I dare count the amount needed, coz if I need more I might just tear my hair out. I have sewn in a stack of ends, and have had just about enough of this blanket. But it is going to look gorgeous on my bed!


27 March, 2012

Sewing (or slip stitching) these motifs together is frustrating.

I know there are 7dcs in the petals, and if there isn’t I tweak the next row anyway. Yet, somehow about a quarter of the motifs don’t line up! You know, stitch for stitch. I get that sewing that last row together ‘makes’ a stitch, and that I can usually see, then work around. But sometimes there can be THREE stitches out.

How does this happen?!?

Its easy enough to fudge to get them to line up, but I wish I didn’t have to!

I’ve made a few more today, just in case. I’ll see about adding them, and the rest, to the blanket tomorrow.

In knitting news, with my sister moving down from the tropics, I can think about making wool socks for my nieces. It seems my 10yo niece wears the same size as me! I guess I know how many stitches to make those ones! I expect her feet will be skinnier though. So my size, minus 4 I reckon. My other niece is about to be 7. I’ll need measurements for her feet.

A lovely Ravelry lady sent me a gift of a pattern for Hacho Fingerless mitts. It’s not been the warmest lately and I was wanting to make some fingerless ones..again. Need yarn for those. I need to get the blanket done so I can start knitting again. I know there are two pairs of socks to finish. One, I think, was up to the ribbing!

Well..better have a look see in Ebay for wool for the girls. Fun fun :D

bed size afghan

26 March, 2012

There are still motifs to go, but this is where it is at today.

…or would be if the photos would upload. :|


I’ll sort that later.


I found the missing yarn, in the shed like I thought it would be. There is more than I thought there was of it. I also went digging in a couple of other bags of stuff and found scraps that I have incorporated already. A pale green, a scrap of baby pink, kitten eye blue in two shades, and a deep burgundy for the plain colors, and a blue/pink/white variegated, plus the green variegated from Big W. I am still yet to find that little blue baggy. There are plenty of swatches of things I could undo to get colors that I ran out of 100 motifs ago.

Best count whats left and go from there.

African Flower Blanket

25 March, 2012

I’ve about reached the end of the ‘scrap yarn’ (unless I go digging ;) ) at the moment, its about single bed size, which will suit me fine. I’m not THAT big. I slip stitched 5 rows together last night, and will add them on today, then see about working the rest of the motifs in. I may, or may not, actually add on the half motifs. I have to actually decide that THAT side is finished, you know?


I’m still making motifs, coz I noted that the ‘curry’ petal pile is stacks taller than what is left. I may still go digging for more balls. I know there is a little blue pouch full of them somewhere.

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