More armwarmers

Posted 10 April, 2014 by perigrine
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another pair. A bit dodgier, but serviceable. The white rows have become more threadbare than all the other colors for some reason. I lopped the toes off, folded the white and yellow roes of the foot in and sewed a seam below them (I haven’t cut them out since I don’t think it will make much difference to the functionality). I cut the heels out, they also had holes in the sides, and sewed them back together. I like them. I liked them as socks too, but if I can get another 3 years or more out of them this way, I am not going to complain.

They could be useful to wear caving. I don’t want to get too hot or rugged up, but I also don’t want to get too cold. These may well prove a nice alternative. If they don’t tend to fall down. So far yesterdays pair are staying put. I have a 3/4 length top on, the arm warmers and a tshirt layered over the top. I’m warm enough.

Sadly, I don’t have any more socks that I can repurpose :( But I am thinking about going to the op shop later. Might have a look see.

Socks to arm warmers

Posted 9 April, 2014 by perigrine
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In town the other day, I saw a girl at the lights with what looked like black and purple socks on her arms (she was wearing a t-shirt) and I thought ‘that’s a brilliant idea!’ since I detest the 3/4 length sleeves that almost all women tops seem to have, and started wondering if I could make some out of real socks. I don’t know if hers were socks, they may well have been, she looked the type.

I dug out a pair of old socks that I love. They are Holeproof ones, with holes in them, but they were still ‘too good’ to throw out, despite the worn out heels, holes and thread bare places. I first thought about using the holes that were in the side of the short row heels for my thumbs, (I love knowing sock anatomy,) but decided that the threadbare places would annoy me far too much. So then I Googled some, and found these links. Craft with Confidence is a bit intricate, and I’m not really wanting to be that fussy, but she had the same general idea – using the heel for the thumbs.  So Heres My Life had gorgeous boot  ‘socks.’ One day when I find a pair of knee high boots I’ll see about making some. Nap Time Crafts also made some, and mixed and matched theirs.

I snipped out the heels on my socks and thought to sew them up  so the colors matched in a line again, but there was too much of the next stripe worn out, so I just cut the leg part off, and determined the best place to lop the toes off, then did that too. I worked out how to get the sections back together (damn that’s tricky. I had one wrong side and one right side together first :-/ ) then dragged the sewing machine out and sewed them together. Took all of 4 minutes. I was hem the cut end, but after reading one of the above links, I’ve decided not to, and will have the proper hem at the wrist, and the cut side at the elbow. The join isn’t perfect, but I don’t care. I can now wear the 3/4 sleeve things without my arms freezing.

Might have another look in the drawer and see if I can make another pair :D

On scrap yarn

Posted 6 April, 2014 by perigrine
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After dealing with the wrecked back of a cushion I made MANY years ago (like, 8) and unearthing the other one I made at the same time (I love that orange yarn. Always have, but at the time I didn’t know how to knit socks. I am pretty sure I haven’t chucked it out, but I have no clue where it is. If I find it….), and then trying out the pinwheel pattern (found the Blue Ribbon afghan book) with the ‘hard to place’ yarn, I am about at my wits end with the ‘scraps.’

With the end of daylight savings, I went around the place gathering covers and what have you to wash. In one of the cats beds was the blue circle square cushion cover with the wrecked back.  I’m not sure how, or when, it got wrecked, but the cats don’t care. I needed that shade of blue to finish off the ‘pastel’ set I was working on, so I cannibalised it. I ended up with a grape fruit sized ball of yarn. I finished off the pastel square and went hunting for the orange cushion that went ‘with’ the blue one. Most of that one is some soft wool yarn. I want to say angora. It too has been chewed, but I think that is by moths. I haven’t cannibalised that.  The cats can have it ‘as is’. But I still have a goodly amount of scrap/thrifted/recycled yarn, with plans to frog a number of other crocheted things that aren’t doing anything. Like the chocolate brown poncho I made, just as long ago. I haven’t worn it in a good 5 years, and it A) is too ‘big) b) too gappy anyway. I believe it is just two rectangles, and I should be able to dismember that easily enough. But then I’ll have scads of chocolate brown yarn. Maybe 500gms worth. What will I do with it?

The other blankets that are floating around ought to have something done with them too. Now that I have a decent camera, I should put them on Ebay. Except, if I wash them (due to being in storage for years) they wont be ‘brand new’ any more. And I really don’t want to undo those either. Although, the green ‘Rippling Shells’ yarn would go nicely with the chocolate from the poncho. I’m not a person who can do the ‘grab a color and just crochet’ thing. My things always seem to want a schematic of some sort. The totally random granny blankets annoy me. But I could do ‘natural’ color middles of motifs with green and brown edges. Like this snowflake. I’ve already made one in each of the colors I had (at the time) with black borders.

The pinwheel start is made with Carnival Stripes yarn, that I bought a good many years ago. Carnival no long seem to make this sort of yarn, so the grapefruit ball and the other ball (unused) are all there is. The pinwheel isn’t looking like I wanted it too, although it looks like it could be a nice hat. But yeah, maybe 170gms of yarn. Not enough for a blanket. I did think the middle, with the flower, could be something though. Perhaps a whole pile of flowers with this yarn bordered by the brown and green?

Anyway, I finally pulled my finger out and finished adding the tops to the socks. You know, the ones I was lengthening a month ago? It took maybe 10 rows, and the Icelandic bind off. I hope that bind off is as stretchy as it claims. It didn’t feel like it. Of the socks that I blogged about almost a month ago, only the Vintage Hues ones are even close to being done, and I am still debating about whether to frog the leg and use the scarf yarn. I probably wont though, I want them DONE. Which they can be in a matter of rows + cast off. (Maybe I can use the Carnival yarn and make a pair of socks for the hell of it, even though it is acrylic.)

I should think about putting something in the crock pot for tea. Daylight savings ended last night, so my tummy is an hour ahead of the clock.

Loving this set!

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The greens came from the cannibalised squares, and the purples were just handy from trying out something else, but they worked together brilliantly. Sadly there isn’t much more of the pale green, so I cant make any more. I would have liked the ‘darks’ together, and then the ‘lights.’ But oh well.

IMG_5380[1]I probably should start sewing in some ends. There are a few squares waiting.


- somehow or other I found this pattern for little triangles. I have scraps that I could use up…(do scraps ever end?)


- There are a couple of new posts on Underground Tasmania, waffling about nothing overly exciting, if you are interested. I’ve spent half of today testing out my meagre spreadsheet skills.



More cannibalism

Posted 2 April, 2014 by perigrine
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The green and blue square has been kicking about for YEARS!  I think that was in a mixed bag of yarny things that I bought with the intention to ‘do something’ with the squares. I think there were 5, or 7 of them. The wrong number to make anything with anyway. So I have used it for my ‘scrap’ blanket, to make the dark rainbow sequence.

I think they look rather nice, even if the colors look wrong in the photo. :)



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