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Posted 20 December, 2014 by perigrine
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I have finally finished sewing the ends in on the squares destined for the next scrap blanket, after..a year..maybe. There was only 35 of them, and I despair of ever actually finishing this particular blanket. It might pay me to get all of them out and see how many there actually are. Some color schemes in them I REALLY like – like the ‘dark rainbow’ set. Mustard, rust, bottle green, navy, plum and dark red/maroon. It turns out that most of the squares had some shade of purple in them, which I found amusing.


I tried out the 8 petalled African flower from Made in K-Town and found that it worked quite well. I think the other 8 petalled ones I made were from the Somalia square. Or…maybe not. Nope nope nope. The previous ones I made have 16dcs in the centre, then the bottom of the petals (done [dc, ch2, dc] and [2dc, ch2, 2dc] alt), 5dc for the top of the petals, LSC row , sc, hdc, dc corner row and a dc only R6. It is also a great deal smaller than the K-Town one. The PDF of this one is familiar, but it isn’t the pattern for the square I have. Hmm..I don’t have the pattern in Pinterest either, so I’m wondering is I invented this one? Its possible.


I also tried out the Simply Squared Granny Square this morning, and I don’t like how it is written, or the method of starting row 2. I’d start with the ‘ch3, then dc in the next stitch’, rather than half of the tr2tog. I might try it again. I used a fat 8ply and a 4.5mm hook.

Time to look at how many squares I actually have. I found some more I’d already done of this group. Let me tell you this…the cheaters end weaving using the fisherman’s knot saves a LOT of time!

ETA: I have 98 all up. I think I will make an extra two and start joining them together.

Gently does it

Posted 11 December, 2014 by perigrine
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These are slowly coming together. I think with the squares I have that will be perfectly sufficient for a blanket.

The re-cornering works well.

R6 = 66 stitches

R7 – *attach yarn in a ch2 space and make a single crochet (however you do that). Hdc, dc, tr, in the next 3 stitches. [dtr, ch2 dtr] in the next stitch. Tr, tr, dc, dc, hdc, hdc, sc one at a time in the next 7 stitches (all 11 side stitches should have a stitch in them). Sl st into both the chain stitches for the corner. Sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc, tr, tr in the next 7 stitches, [dc, ch2, dc] in next. Tr, dc, hdc in remaining 3 stitches. Sc into the ch2 space and end off. move to the next Ch2 sp, and repeat from *. Only the first and last SC are worked into the chain spaces.

R8 – attach yarn and form a dc. Dc in each stitch. 2dc, ch2, 2dc in each ch2 space. join yarn and end off.

There is almost an argument to sc across the ‘flat sides’ in R7 to get to the other corner, but I like the look of ending off to make ‘corners.’


I bought more yarn yesterday while I was out, (oops,) and tried the wonky flower again. This time I ignored the Youtube clip and the written instructions to work into the ‘stems’ and did mine in the 3dcs into the ‘across part’ of the sc’s between the petals. It worked much better for me. Because I still have the other scrap blanket floating about, I wondered if the flower squares would ‘fit’ with them, and they do, for the most part. I’m thinking about making some flowers with the variegated yarns. I want them all to have a yellow centre (doesn’t matter what sort of yellow) and a green background – again, any green.

But we’ll see.

Mt Cripps

Posted 9 December, 2014 by perigrine
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I wish the camera focussed better. But then again, time was at a premium for a lot of these.


Posted 4 December, 2014 by perigrine
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So, I have five piles of hexagons done to round 5. I want the next color on all of them to be brown. The new ‘corners’ will be in the round 4 color and the final round could be…anything. Brown again maybe? But what do I do with the started middles? Maybe I need to square off the ones I have, then see if I need more.

It turns out the pink flowers ‘needed’ a navy border, but the dark aqua works too, and uses a color that is in another motif. There are two other single motifs, the green/black/fuchsia, and one with a grey/purple/baby blue that I trialled the ‘squaring’ on, in addition to the grey/orange/yellow.

Just counted them. 15 of the grey edged, 14 of the lime (or 15 if I take the navy off the other one and redo it), 15 of the aqua, 15 of the purple and just 11 of the fuchsia. 70 all up. that would make a 10 x 7 blanket. With two more completed ones I will have 72, enough for a 8×9. Actually, I have those, in the trial squares. This would make a decent size blanket I think. The brown square is 19×17 cm. This would put the blanket dimensions at 152×153. My size! :D

Ok. I guess I’ll use what I have and go from there. Arrangement might suck, but for now, I have a plan.

Oh, and dinner? was Wagoners Rice. I paid 2.37 or something silly for beef offcuts and that fed me for three meals. Would have been four if I wasn’t being a pig.

Cheaters end weaving

Posted 2 December, 2014 by perigrine
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With the Christmas present dropped off and all the possibilities in the bag, I started finishing off the flowers that had been started. Since I have already made a huge one of these, I know sewing in fifty squillion ends will be a pain in the ass.


I cheated.

Since I have decent length tails of yarn I tied them together with a fisherman knot and crocheted the next row over the strand. This wont come undone in a hurry. I don’t know how long I can do it for (each circumference will get bigger), but the next row I should be able to do the same way. On these new motifs, I now only have two ends, instead of four.



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