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Posted 18 May, 2014 by perigrine
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Updated 11th November 2014.


See it here. Underground Tasmania.




Loom bands

Posted 11 November, 2014 by perigrine
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This started at the course the other week, with Jess showing us how to make the basic thing. I said I didn’t want to ‘get into them,’ but that sorting the bands out would be just my thing. So I had a look in Shiploads and found some, bought them and spent a lunch hour sorting them out. It was very satisfying. Jess got to keep them all, since she doesn’t like sorting.

So last week, I found some more in Kmart for .25c a packet (of 300). This seems to be about average, since the Shiploads ones were 1.99 for 1000 and 2.99 for 2000. I bought $2 worth and had a great old time sorting them out. They were meant to go to Jess, and half did, but some were glow in the dark ones and I wanted to see if I could make cords(?) for the GPS or torches for caving/camping. (Now that I’m thinking about it…could I make a decent size ball of bands and use that for a night light of sorts? – DIY bouncy ball)

Anyway. I put the picture of the sorted bags on Facebook and then shared a picture of a dragon scale cuff bracelet. “Everyone’ wanted one, so I had to make my own loom, since the one that came with the kit from Kmart doesnt have straight lines (travel loom? yep). I thought to start with a two color one, thinking that would be easier, but it turns out it isn’t. A rainbow one would have a distinct sequence of colors, while the two color one I have to think about. I had to start it twice. Not sure how I messed up the first time. Half way through that I found the hexafish bracelet and added 6 nails to my ‘loom’ and started that. It worked ok, but I didn’t like how tight things were pulling, so I improvised with an old pill bottle and more nails.

That worked splendidly! I started it yesterday and finished it today. I like how the colors ended up blending nicely. After that I went looking for a chart for nice color schemes (didn’t find one) and found this rainbow bracelet. I also like this one, and this one. I like this one bestest. Not sure why.

I thought that the first one to make would be tricky, but I wrote a list of colors, in order and it has gone along swiftly so far. My DIY circle loom thing is sealed at the end so I have to fiddle about when it gets long, but I can cope. With a $20 price tag for an official circle loom, I had better!

Chances are this phase wont last long, mainly because I don’t want to have thousands of rubber bands around the house, but for now it is quick and fun. When I get sick of it, I can give all the bits to Jess. Or sell the individual colors for 50c a bag or something. For now though, I want to get the ‘orders’ filled and see what else I can make.

Various things

Posted 5 November, 2014 by perigrine
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So, all the beans sprouted and all but one have been planted. The last one took a bit longer to sprout. I think I will plant that one out the front on the wire. I may even soak another few to have them cover the wire. The peas in the container are chook food peas that sprouted after they got rained on. I have no idea what they will taste like if they manage to grow, but I’ll give them a chance anyway.

The existing pea plant is now up to the third tier and growing well. None of the planted (on Saturday) ones have emerged from the dirt yet.


Weekend before last I accidentally bought a pile of tapestry yarn. I bid $6 on it and forgot, not being in the market for more yarn. I ended up winning and it got here yesterday. I am impressed with the amount. There is some ‘crewel yarn’ which I have no clue how to use, and some ‘Persian yarn’ that looks like 2 ply and is fuzzier. I’m sure I will use them, somehow. The crewel yarn could be perfect for reinforcing the almost worn out strands of sock heels before duplicate stitching them. There is a lovely assortment of colors.

Ideally I would have all the colors individually bagged and stored. I cant seem to find my ‘pinks and purples’ bag though. I’m not sure where that could be. I know I used some yarn out of it to mend the tapestry socks not that long ago. Its a big bag, so it can’t just disappear.


Final pics are a foal and mum I passed today on the way down the hill. He is very little.

I’ve been sort of working on a few more Alex’s squares, and the Cape Portland blanket I started well over a year ago. I need a LOT more yarn to get it finished. One of my previous Alex’s squares is a great deal smaller than the rest. I’m not sure why. I am thinking that I will redo that particular one. The original blanket is here is you want to look.

Peas and beans

Posted 30 October, 2014 by perigrine
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Out in my back yard is a pea plant. I have no clue what sort of pea it is, could be an eating pea, animal pea, or sweet pea, but I’m letting it grow – even though its in a bloody stupid spot. After I put some stakes in and bodgied up a bit of lattice, I decided to take a photo, to see how it grows.

The day I did it, I had only draped the tendril over, so the plant ‘knew’ it was there. By the next morning it has wrapped itself around the cotton. The next day I took another photo and I was surprised at how much coiling it had done while I wasn’t looking.

Monday night we has fairly string winds, and on Tuesday when I looked, the plant seemed to have made knots of itself.

I plan to take photos every time something interesting happens. :)


With the pea growing well, I decided to try growing some beans again. Many years ago I grew ‘soup mix’ in the back yard. Yep, basically chucked a couple of handfulls of Mackenzies dry soup mix in the dirt and left it to itself. Fresh chick peas are yum by the way. A bean grew, and wasn’t destroyed (by chooks? cats?) and I ended up drying the beans that it grew. They’ve been sitting in the cupboard all this time. (For the record, you’d need to grow heaps to have enough dry beans for a year). Anyway, I chose 10 and soaked them over night, and for half the next day – they were old. Coz they are old, I pout them in a container to see if they will sprout. Turns out, they will. :) One has sprouted, and a few more look like they will. It will be good to have growing things again.

I moved the chestnut tree a while back, before it leafed. Its been happy against the side of the back yard against the fence for two years, but given that it is a chestnut tree, it wasn’t going to stay happy against the fence, so I had to move it. It looks like it has taken to its new spot. I really would have preferred it out the front, but with toe rags,  tosser neighbours and cows, well..its safer in the back. Toe rags have nicked most of my solar lights that were out the front. What they got out of nicking about six 2$ lights I have no clue. I noticed that the left over things at the other neighbours (they moved out) have gone as well.  Anyway, chestnut is safe, and thats all good. .

Camping in search of caves

Posted 22 October, 2014 by perigrine
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..and a Mental Health Retreat to boot.


I am not long back from being out bush for a bit, ostensibly to find a slew of caves on a map I found. Most of the details are on the other blog, so I wont bore you with them here.

While I like wearing my hand knit socks for caving, wearing them while hiking isn’t as good. Not because they don’t work, but because the leggings (thermals, or running pants) don’t usually meet them, or stay met, and I don’t want leeches on me! So, I took along regular socks for that and wore the hand knits around camp/to bed. The first pair I wore for three days (nights?) and I noticed they were getting a bit thin in the heels. Since I learnt the hard way to NOT totally wear them out, I bundled them up and drew on the next pair.

These I wore around the fire and to bed before changing into regular socks for the day. However, at the end of the day when I was putting them on (I can not underestimate how NICE it feels to put warm, dry wool socks on after a day of hiking!) I noticed the heel of one was almost worn through! The other heel wasn’t much better. So these too were bundled up and put away.

Once home I scrounged up some of the proper long stitch yarn and sorted the almost through heel. I think I need to extend the area, since looking at it in morning light shows a few extra stitches could do with being reinforced. The left over long stitch yarns (on the card) are just the right lengths for darning too. The other pair of socks still has its own yarn left over so I’m using that.

Being away, out bush, with NO people (aside from the person I was with of course) was bliss. No traffic and only the occasional sounds of chainsaws in the very far distance. I didn’t live by the clock, since the phone was off most of the time and in the car. The Man was more glued to his phone, so maybe he kept an eye on the time. Bed was when ‘tired’, waking up was when ‘done.’ Breakfast was had ‘before leaving’ and tea was done ‘before it was properly dark.’ Everything else happened as it happened. I would have liked to have lived without even the rudimentary schedule for a while, but I guess you cant have everything. Not that we had enough time to establish a totally off grid schedule.

Of course, I came back to the noisy neighbour, and to the fact that the other neighbour moved out over the weekend. I think there will be a few more longer trips out bush, so that is something to look forward to. I think the next trip will likely be alongside some other cave people.


For now, I had better hang the tent base out to dry off, and put tea in the crock pot so I can finish mending the socks.

Mending and more

Posted 8 October, 2014 by perigrine
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With the neighbour still being an ass, not much has been happening. He’s been a bit more quiet at sleep time (three hour nap on the weekend!) so I’ve felt more alive and able to do things. I’ve knitted up more dishcloths, mostly because they are mindless. With the extra rest on the weekend I darned the socks that have been waiting a while. Since they were about worn through, I decided to run a line of cotton through first, because I thought the pulling through of the new yarn would finish making holes. While I was rested, I also finished reinforcing the heel of the tapestry sock that needed doing. I made the mistake of washing them before mending the thin part so the thin heel collapsed. :s

The geese were at the river one day a while back. I don’t often see them, so I decided to take a picture.

I had meant to take a photo of the plover eggs every day until they hatched, but that hasn’t happened. :( I reckon they will have hatched by now and I’ve missed it.

The other two pics are self explanatory.

Northern Caverneers

Caving club webpage


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