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Updated 29th June 2014.


See it here. Underground Tasmania.




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I made some diamonds. As you can see, some yarns look better than others, although from  a distance (ie on the computer screen) the ‘messy’ ones don’t look too bad. I could feasibly make a plain a variegated and a white/black pile of blocks sporadically. But, I dunno. I’m not sold. I also don’t NEED a crocheted blanket, especially when I still have at least three I am working on. I don’t put them on the bed and stuffing them in the cupboard seems a huge waste.


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Most days I get out for a walk, with a bit of running, and the other day this dog from down the road decided he was coming too. Which is great, I loved the company. But, its not MY dog, and therefore doesn’t listen to me – and I don’t know his name anyway. All was good for most of the route, but he decided that eating something on the other side of the road was better than coming with me and stayed there. He didn’t come when I whistled, and I couldn’t call him. He doesn’t answer to ‘dog.’ Somehow he managed to get back anyway. I’m considering the prospect of taking a leash with me when I leave the house, just in case.

I also captured all the cats on the bed in the sun. Its rare to see them all together like that. They left enough room for me to fit, should I wish to partake of sunbeams as well. Wasn’t that nice of them?

Last weekend, I think, the Man sent me the pictures of the tunnel. I hate to admit that I didn’t think Tasmania had any train tunnels. Oops. This one was built 100 years after the first fleet arrived. It seems it is at a place called Tunnel, which is probably named after the actual tunnel anyway. I thoroughly love how he sends me pictures like this.


I made chocolate hummus the other day, and shared the picture on the Facebook cooking page. I was summarily told I “couldn’t call it hummus, because real hummus has garlic and tahini,” which I felt a bit rude. If you’re interested in how I made it, it was a can of chick peas, some coconut cream, cocoa, vanilla, brown sugar and maybe a dash of milk to loosen it up. It was all blitzed until it was smooshy. It isn’t overly moreish, which is good cos that means it lasts two days, instead of one.


I took delivery of a T-Hub on Monday. It seems that it comes FREE(!!) as part of the new bundled phone/internet plan I organised last week. The problem is, I wasn’t told I would get it, and I also have no need for one anyway. Right now it is being useful as a photo frame thing, but half the pictures are sideways – but show up as the right way when I look at them in the Gallery. Of course, I’m not in the lounge room at the moment either to see it, so right now its wasting electricity. Telstra say I can send it back. A Telstra employee says to flog it off on Gumtree. I checked eBay for them and they are a dime a dozen, so its not worth squat. As a photo frame though, it might be useful.

The crochet bedspread/quilt/blanket came through on Pinterest yesterday, and despite a lot of searching, I can’t find the original post. If you follow the basic diamond pattern here, and then follow the picture, you should be about right. I’m thinking that it would look good using the longer colorway yarns I have. But I just don’t know if I have the wherewithal to be bothered undertaking such a task. There are just too many other WIP’s.

The chocolate poncho is almost frogged, and the Fayette socks are almost to the heel. I really need to try them on to make sure that 48 stitches is enough. It should be, but they still look too skinny.

The hole in the tapestry sock has been darned. I was going to try the ‘knitted mend’ but I couldn’t be stuffed fiddling with getting it started. I need to sort the other sock before the heel gets too thin.


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Over the weekend I was on a baking kick, and decided to make bread for one, rather than a big loaf in the bread maker – mostly coz I would eat it all.

I put about 2/3 cup of warm milk/water in the bowl, along with 4 teaspoons of sugar and a sachet of dried yeast. Mixed all that until the color changed (yeast dissolved), then added about a tablespoon of oil and enough flour to get to a bread dough firmness. If you’ve ever made bread you’ll know what I mean. I kneaded that a bit while the oven was warming. I used that, turned on just til it ‘ticked over,’ as my warm place seeing as it is the middle of winter here. With the door ajar, it makes for a nice warm place. I oiled the bowl, tossed the dough back in, covered it with an old produce bag, and poked it in the over for the time it took to double in size, about 15 mins or so.

It was kneaded again until it felt right, braided and placed into the oiled tin. No clue what sort of baking tin it is, it is 4x10x1.5″ and aluminium. (someone in Facebook says its a ‘bar cake tin’) With the neat inch measurements, I’d say it was a fairly old one too. This was re-covered with the bag and returned to the oven to prove again. When that was looking good, I took it out and placed it in the grill section of the stove while the oven heated to 230C. When the oven was hot I put the bread in for about 5 mins on that temp, then turned it down to 180 for another 10-15 mins.

Turned out beautifully, and the braids made for excellent breaking and buttering points.


Earlier in the week I needed to use up the last two eggs, so I made a small impossible coconut pie. My ex-step-sister gave me this recipe years ago, which I couldn’t find and so I winged it, being too lazy to Google for it. Mine was made with 2 eggs, ‘enough’ milk, about 1/4 cup of coconut, vanilla essence and maybe 2 tablespoons of sugar. The eggs/milk/sugar were beaten and poured onto the coconut, which was in a greased pie dish, then baked at 150 for about half our or so. About half way I checked it and decided that it could do with some sultanas, so I dropped a handful on top and poked them down with my fingers.

Was good. :)


Breakfast quinoa is basically half a cup of quinoa cooked in 3/4 can of coconut cream, with the last bit added at the end, plus some vanilla. I like it with canned apricots, and added a bit of the syrup as well. The half cup of quinoa makes enough for two serves.


On Friday I was thinking (not quite this linearly) “nothing is happening online, I’ll go tidy up the yarn since I haven’t been knitting on it for a few days.”
I wandered into lounge room and sort the balls of yarns. Find new combinations of colors as they get tossed in the basket. Ignore their pitiful cry for use. Grabbed up the ‘knit when you want to knit but cant be bothered thinking about what to knit’ bit of knitting…see the yarn attached to it and think: I’ll just do a bit more. Proceed to carry ‘lounge room only’ project to computer room. Realise the other yarn has been abandoned in the lounge room. Ignore it.

Some of Saturday was spent undoing the brown poncho I made years ago. It has something on it that felt..weird. Not sure what it was, since it didn’t smell like anything. I decided against washing it first. I am thinking that when the other panel is unraveled I will team it with the brown toned variegated and make larger mitred squares. Assuming I have needles in a large enough length..which just reminded me that I have the bamboo circulars which should work. If I can find them. The 7mm aluminium circulars are too heavy to use easily. I wouldn’t mind trying a ‘9 patch quilt‘ type pattern. Not sure if I would have enough of each variegated to do it though.

Sunday I unraveled a knitted hat that I found on the side of the road. The hat is a good example of someone who knits with whatever they can to be donated to the op shop. It has 4 different yarns, one ‘vintage’, one wool, one a bit thicker and the last was a new one – identifiable coz I just bought the same brand and color. I’ll probably chuck the wool out, coz that is already felty after just one wash.

Ah well, best get on with the day. I’ll start by putting slippers on, since my toes are about to drop off.

Cape Portland: a year in review

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Ideas and experiment

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Yesterday, being the restless sort, I dug out the bag of left over yarn from making socks and set about seeing how that would look knitted up. The wool is a lot springier than the acrylic, which I’ve read about, but hadn’t quite noticed like I did yesterday. The first one came out ok, with me using a centred double decrease. I’m not sold on the ridge it makes though. I started to add on a new square, but the yarn is wirey and I don’t much like it (its a scrap from the op shop that wasnt ever big enough for something). Would I keep going on making this into a blanket? I’m not sure. Probably not. I’d need to make a LOT more socks to get enough ‘scraps’ to make a full sized one. I could presumably double strand the 4 ply though. Making squares out of the tapestry yarn is another option.

Yesterday the thought of custard scones was annoying me, so I set about making one to see how it would go. I wanted to be using less wheat flour for scones. I’m pleased to report that it went rather well. I used 1/4 cup each of self raising flour and custard powder, plus a teaspoon of baking powder, 3 teaspoons of white sugar and ‘about enough’ milk and melted butter. It came out ok. It seemed a bit gluggy as a “mouth feel” but it was certainly edible. A bit of tweaking and it would be great.


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